DreamCast: Escaping from a War Zone

Gail from Los Angeles writes:

I dreamt that I was with my mother and sister in a war zone. We were part of a minority group that, if discovered, would be killed. Upon that realization, I rushed my mom and sister to the train station to leave as soon as we could, and cross the border to safety. While we waited for the train, my mom started talking to other people about us. I was terrified, because it’s easy to spot us by our linguistic differences. When the train arrived (which, strangely enough, was destined for my old university), I tried to pull my mom onto it. As usual, she took her time, as she found her conversation more important, and didn’t understand my rush. We missed the train, and that prolonged our stay at that station, which further endangered our lives. I tried to get her ready for the next train. She refused, and didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. Eventually, I walked away intensely angered, and tried to save myself. I felt immense guilt for leaving, and I thought I couldn’t return once I left. When I walked away from my mom in anger, I felt that this was a struggle I would never win.

Hello Gail,

Clearly you’re struggling with an internal battle that is hindering your ability to move forward. The conflict may involve your mother and sister directly. More likely, it stems from a family pattern from which you’re trying to escape. Additionally, being threatened because you’re a minority may reveal a fear of forging your own unique path. I think the crux of the message is that you can only get to where you’re going by releasing emotional patterns – symbolized by your mom, particularly – that no longer serve you.

On another level, your mom and sister may symbolize the feminine part of your psyche, which is your passive, emotional, and receptive side. Everyone has both feminine and masculine attributes to some degree. This is the part of you that feels threatened. You’re frustrated at your mom’s passivity and insistence on relating to others, instead of fleeing from danger. Relating is typically a feminine trait, as well. Perhaps you don’t value your need to just be (feminine) instead of striving to get things done (masculine). If this is the root of your struggle, embracing both your feminine and masculine qualities will help you find a balance between them you can live with. Ultimately, self-knowledge/enlightenment (the university) is the destination that will help you achieve inner peace.

Sweet dreams,


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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Escaping from a War Zone

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cortney,

    I love reading your dream interpretations…..and Cortney….you’re really good at it!

    I was taught dream analysis myself, by one of the top Psychiatrists in the USA many years ago……

    Our dreams tell a story, many times in symbols……but always an accurate story of what is going on inside of our minds. All we need to do is unlock the meaning of those symbols and put the pieces together.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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