So You Wanna Date a Taurus?

Those in a dating relationship with a Taurus will find they’re sentimental and sensual, a sign tied to love and sex. The bull is also stubborn and possessive. Slow and steady Taurus may indeed be practical, but don’t mistake their step-by-step approach for being boring – between the sheets or otherwise! These down- to-earth get-it-done types are at once sentimental and sensual, a sign for whom love and sex are inextricably tied.

Adventurous lovers when with the right partner, the bull is also stubborn and inclined toward possessiveness, but we all have our downsides. So the question is, are they right for you? Here’s your guide to dating this alluring Earth Sign. Hint: self-centered dreamers and unpredictable adventurers need not apply!

The truth about Taurus
Homebodies by nature, Taurus values a steady, serious relationship as much, if not more than any other sign. Passionate and loyal, they crave security and stability, but rare is the Bull who is prepared to lavishly romance a potential partner in order to get there. They are not the sort to sweep someone off their feet. Instead, as with all things, Taurus takes a practical, logical approach to dating. They’re slow to express their emotions and guarded when it comes to exposing their softer sides. That doesn’t mean they won’t adore you however, rather, it’s that they find pleasure and satisfaction in more earthly realms, specifically in sharing good food and great conversation. With Taurus, the devil is in the details, so a tender touch, help around the house, a little something that made them think of you are all signs that the bull is intrigued.

That said, it takes Taurus some time – often quite a long time – to open up, and until that happens (aside from those little flourishes), they may seem aloof and uncaring. Most often, that is not the case. However, be warned. When a Taurus is not truly interested, they may see you as an object… and treat you as one. If that happens, don’t take their BS. Call them on it, then find love with someone else.

Creating a safe space
If you’re experiencing a connection with Taurus and want to take things further, patience is the name of the game. Those who are used to diving in headfirst will be frustrated with the snail’s pace Taureans take establishing a relationship. However, it’s important to remember that even a well-intentioned bull is also stubborn and set in their ways. Translation? Push a Taurus for more than they’re willing to give before they’re willing to give it and they’ll either charge at you angrily or go running in the other direction. At the end of the day, what they’re seeking is affirmation that you think they’re special… and while for some signs that may be a matter of quality of time spent together, for Taurus, it usually means quantity.

In the meantime, to hasten the getting to know you process, compliment your Taurus and pamper them with the sensual soul food they crave. The importance of earthly pleasures can never be understated with Taureans, so fine cuisine, luxe fabrics and sweet smells will all set the stage for romance. Add a good makeout session to the mix – especially on the heels of a meaningful conversation – and you’ll be guaranteed to make some headway.

The underbelly of the beast
Finally, as sweet, sentimental and serious about love as Taurus wants to be, in the wrong relationship the bull is known to give lovers a branding that really scars. They have no patience for dreamers who take a lofty approach or firey types who want action all the time (which is why they rarely get on with Aries, Aquarius or Pisces) and they are determined to get what they want – even if it’s at the expense of your desires. Likewise, while they’re willing to plumb the depths in the bedroom, they’re not so into soaring to exciting heights.

In fact, big thrill seekers who want to keep things dynamic will scare them, threatening their all encompassing need to feel safe. So if everlasting adventure is part of your perfect pairing, these lovers of routine will leave you feeling at least partially dissatisfied.

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11 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date a Taurus?

  1. Elizabeth

    I am a Leo and my guy is a Taurus and although my typical “way” is to be very demanding and needy and what-not, my guy really grounds me. I find that even though he doesn’t call/text me very often, it’s like he has this almost perfect hypnotic way with me that calms me despite myself and my nature to control everything. I am comfortable (and kind of giddy) to say that my Taurus wears the pants in our relationship and that is NOT something I am used to… That said, I do believe a Leo and Taurus can get along just fine as long as the Leo can put away their pride. Literally. I have to make most of the ‘day to day’ contact with my guy if I want to talk to him every day, otherwise, he really only talks when he needs to. That would be the only thing I could say I wish my guy would do more of is little communications and I would like to see him more. Apparently from what I keep reading is that it is normal for a Taurus man to go a week/ couple weeks without seeing you if they are busy. This is really my first ever experience with a man like mine, but everything else I have to say is A-MAAA-Ziiing…he gets me, he gets my desires and it’s like he can read deep into my soul without saying a word…he has quite literally turned my world topsy-turvey. And I feel a deep calm with him, even though there are things that any other man in the world could do- I would have flipped by now or walked, but the trust that is there is indescribable to me. I honestly think I may already be falling for him….and I’m not freaking about it for once. So Leo/Taurus mix, yes. Just has to be the right Leo/Taurus mix I think. It can be tantalizing or it can be toxic.

    1. Emily

      Thanks for your post Elizabeth. As a Sagittatarius woman I feel EXACTLY the same way about my Taurus guy!!

  2. Pauline

    Could agree totally with KOKO. about our Taurus Traits. We are under valued by many also. We always try our best at everthing. Give more than we should in love work etc. Life is actually very hard as we do not get understood properly either

  3. Melody

    I agree with koko,I am a person who trays to help others an not selfish or self centered at all an never have been! I’m loving an affectionate an romantic an show it!! So the things that are said about Taurus ppl ,the negative stuff that has never been me! I’m not perfect ,but I do try to better myself an learn by mistakes! An also there are two differenttypes of each zodiac sign!!! I had a friend I’ve known since I was 12 an after 22 yrs of friendship an being like family ,I had to stop being her friend because of things she would do ! She is a Taurus an so is her dad , he has my same bday an he an I are more alike ! So two sides to every coin ! I like being a Taurus an child of god! Take it easy everyone n take care 🙂

  4. Melody

    I agree with koko , all that was said is not true about me! An I too am proud of being a Taurus female!!!!!! I am loyal ,loving ,caring an kind! I go out of my way to help others,I’m generous ,never selfish ! Yes I love luxury an the finer things when it comes to certain things but I’m very down to earth n love simple things too ! I know how to love an yes I express myself but not at expense of others! No I’m not perfect but I learn from my mistakes! I feel taurians are cool ppl with big hearts !! YES very passionate hehehe have a great holiday everybody 🙂

  5. Koko

    I must say as a Taurus female I disagree almost completely with your description of a Taurus.
    The only positive thing you said about a Taurus is that the are good in bed. This is true. However what about their sensitivity and loyalty to friends? What about their love of nature and their delight in surroundings that are soft and comfortable like a down quilt or a hammock. Taurus is very good at reading others, and finds great reward in helping the less fortunate. Yes we are strong willed and need to beware of our tempers. That is because we want to make everything nice and pleasurable without arguments or poor ideas being brought forth when they have already been tried and proven to fail. I am most proud of being Taurus as the qualities that nay appear to be negative are characteristicsa of leadership.

  6. Joshua Barnes

    I’m a Taurus male an I must say the Astrology is on point. Somewhere I read about Leo’s not being compatible an the ones I’ve met/dated surely haven’t been, was wondering if anyone has a take on that.

  7. Remo

    I am a taurian male and the thing about earthy comforts are like nail on the head. Highly sexed and like banging and getting banged all the while. Energy levels are extraordinary and can be easily vexed if reciprocation is not forthcoming. Usually, they are beaten in battles on the bed. They don’t lick their wounds, instead they try to take an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. Deep inside they are innocent and peace loving and take some time regretting emotional spite. Usually they are lonely people unable to cope up with speed and faking.


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