DreamCast: Zombie Unconscious

Karen from Brush Prairie, Washington writes:

I had an odd dream and would like to know what it means: I am inside a condo with a young white man. Someone comes in and asks for my personal information. I ask why she would want my phone number, and she says she wants the info so her zombie can come and eat me. I say, “No way. I won’t give you my info.” The young man starts to rattle off my phone number and info. I charge him and beat him up to the point where I draw blood from his leg. The zombie then attacks him and devours him instead of me. Then the four who have come with the zombie tell me that now that the zombie has eaten, he can have babies. They run through a secret (unused door) into the basement. I get really angry and take out a gun and start to fire. One of the men falls down, but they keep running away.

Hello Karen,

The zombie is a brilliant symbol of your unconscious, the feelings, attitudes, habits and urges that you’re unaware of, but which still influence your life, sometimes to a startling degree. The fact that you confronted this zombie is a positive sign that you’re becoming aware of something inside you that needs to be faced.

The key to what this is resides with the young white man. He may symbolize the male (assertive, intellectual/logical) side of your psyche, but I suspect he, along with the zombie, represent some anger you have toward men because of how they’ve treated you. In the dream, you didn’t want the man to give out your information, fearing the zombie (your anger) would eat you (have control over you). The tricky part is, killing the man (repressing the source of the issue) only caused the anger to hide in your unconscious (the zombie again), where it will multiply its power over you (zombie babies).

The most intriguing symbol is the secret unused door to the basement, another symbol of your unconscious. The fact that you saw this door indicates that your inner awareness is increasing. Whatever the troubling issue(s) is, you need to bring it out of the basement and into the light of your awareness so it can be resolved — and you’re ready to do just that!

Sweet dreams,


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