DreamCast: What Are the Signs of a Troubled Marriage?

Gwen from Queens, New York writes:

I dreamt that all the bedroom furniture, wardrobes, clothing, and jewelry belonging to me and my husband were carted away through the side entrance of our bedroom. Nothing was left. It was so scary. I immediately got a plank and padlocks to secure the entrance until it could be properly fixed. But somehow in the dream, I still felt unsafe and worried because nothing was left in the bedroom, including all the jewelry. I interacted with some people about the incident, but could not figure out their faces, and when I woke up I was still bothered. In real life, our bedroom has no side door. I am worried and scared. Please enlighten.

Hello Gwen,

The dream is most likely symbolic and not an indication that you’re about to be robbed (but you might want to check the locks on your doors and windows, anyway, to be sure they’re working properly).

I believe the dream reveals an issue concerning your relationship with your husband. The bedroom symbolizes intimacy, privacy, and rest. Something has intruded on your marriage and “stolen” something you consider valuable in your relationship. It could be that you or your husband is letting an outside situation or person influence your relationship, such as bad advice from a family member, comparing your marriage to someone else’s, or a flirtation with someone else. Or it could be as simple as not taking enough time out from your busy schedules to nurture your bond.

A good start in deciphering the dream would be to think about your relationship when you were first together. Has something fundamentally changed in the way you relate to each other? Perhaps it’s time to reignite the spark that first drew you together. I’d also suggest having a heart-to-heart talk with your husband to see if he’s missing something from your marriage. Working together, the two of you should be able to uncover the message.

Sweet dreams,


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