DreamCast: Stop Swimming Against the Current

Are You Swimming Against the Current?

Garrett in Indianapolis, Indiana writes:

In my dream, I am watching flood waters rushing by, from left to right. They are flowing down in cascades of white water. I think there is a bare tree branch to my left. I don’t notice anyone with me, but have the sense that there are others on the shore beside me. I jump into the water and begin trying to swim against and across the current. I sense that I am going toward a rescue boat, though I don’t actually see it. Although I am swimming hard, I stay in the same place. Someone (no face, just a voice and a vague peripheral vision of a figure nearby on the other side) asks me if I am more than six feet tall. When I say yes, she indicates that I will have to go back toward the other boat. I stop trying to swim against the current and let it carry me back toward the other boat, which I sense is behind me, though I never see it.

I woke up feeling very intrigued by what I’d just dreamed. What’s this all mean?

Hello Garrett,

Swimming against the current symbolizes not being in the flow of your true path. It could also indicate you’re struggling against some powerful emotions within yourself. So, in which area of your life are you striving for a certain outcome but getting nowhere? The flooding is a clue. Water usually symbolizes the emotions, so whatever you’re dealing with is dredging up some emotional issues. You had the courage to jump into the turbulence—not surprising since you’re a Leo (which is all about having courage and will). However, you tried to use your will to achieve a certain outcome and/or control your emotions, and this proved futile.

As for your height, the term “standing tall” comes to mind, suggesting you have great inner courage and strength. What’s certain is you won’t be rescued (at peace) until you surrender to the flow of your destiny. Fortunately, you have some spiritual guides to help you. I think if your mind and heart work together you’ll have an easier time finding the boat (path) that’s right for you.

Sweet dreams,

“Dreams are visions and aspirations, reality is applying those dreams.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265

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5 thoughts on “DreamCast: Stop Swimming Against the Current

  1. paul chavis

    This whole dream mean he need to take a bath or shower; that make’s one feel better. He’s probably good and funkey.

  2. Cathe L

    I loved tme this!i! It rings like a bell in the night. It is a shame that the kool aid club still exsists for people iin there late 50’s and early 60’s. I was never a kool aid in school. I enjpyed every one for who they were a fluttered between them all. I had friends in school but I didn’t stay with only one group it just didn’t feel right to me. I really didn’t understand it. I think the kool aid baby boomers have revolved instead of evloved. Sad to see them ignore there children and grandchildren to be at a bar 4 to 5 nights away drinking away life instead of living it. Do they think there grown children who are parents also now don’t see it.They do. I am not a kool aid kid. I am proud to say it. I dealt with many hardships in my life, it made me tronger wiser but most of all a very giving person. They can still sit there a tnd act like children while there grown children decide to have nothing to do with them. I can only hope that there children are not the kool aid generation because when they are in there later years and the gang starts dying off litteraly who will they have? an empty glass of life left.. I am so happy not to have ever fit in to that clique, I love whom I am without someones telling me I am great because I pay the bar tab all the time. I like it when they tell me I am kind, giving and a caring person. I just tell them this is me. A simple person that has no hidden agenda. making people smile that is all.

  3. melanie

    i had a dream about a 3 big rock supposed to fall over me while i was walking.. came from a peak.. it´s quite vivid dream and the 3 big rock fall down beside me, i was so out of breath when i arrived home and told my little sister that i must be dead now if those rocks fall over me.. any good explanation for this…


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