DreamCast: Release Your Creativity to Regain Your Balance

Christina in London writes:

I had two very similar dreams in a couple of days …

Dream #1: I was entered into a competitive salsa dancing TV show. I was very excited about this since I love dancing, although I’m no dance teacher. Then I realized that I’m the “expert” dancer, and I had to wait for my celebrity dance partner. I found out that it was David Beckham (famous UK footballer). At first, I didn’t recognize the name—I said to myself, “David Bechman, Beck-ham,” and then it fell into place. I also got to meet his famous wife (Posh Spice/Victoria), and she gave me the once-over to make sure that there would be no hanky-panky between us, but also to make sure I could handle David. The dream ended.

Dream #2: I was entered into a singing competition on TV—I didn’t know about it, and I had one hour to find something to sing. I wanted to sing something new, but there was only time for something old, so I picked a song from the musical “Cabaret.” I could remember all the words, and I felt that I could sing it okay—people were giving me good feedback. The dream ended as I entered the stage.

The funny thing is that I do have a natural talent for singing and dancing (especially salsa), but I’m not up to performance standards as I don’t have time to practice. So part of me is wondering if this is a literal dream about performance or a metaphor for my life or work, or even a bit of both. Can you help?

Hello Christina,

Your dreams are certainly illuminating the creative, fun-loving side of you! So of course I need to ask—what creative outlet(s) do you have? It doesn’t have to be something artsy like singing or dancing. You can live creatively by tapping into your originality or resourcefulness when there’s something you need to deal with, resolve or produce.

Still, I sense that you do have an artistic side that wants to come out and play. I’m not sure what a hunky “footballer” is doing in your dream, but sex can be fun and creative, too. Perhaps David Beckham symbolizes your masculine counterpart, the assertive, independent side of you. Your inner feminine (aka Posh Spice/Victoria) is keeping you balanced.

So make some space in your life for your creativity. Go dancing. Karaoke with friends. Join a choir. You’re a Cancer with lots of Virgo in your chart, which means you’re a perfectionist. You don’t have to be up to performance standards to share your talents. Do it anyway, just for the joy of it.

Sweet dreams,

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