DreamCast: Reconnect to Your Higher Self

A Voice Answers Dreamer’s Questions

Janis in Ridgewood, New Jersey writes:

I am thinking of retiring soon and downsizing to a condo. In this recent dream, I am sitting in a strange house which I do not recognize. The breeze is blowing the kitchen curtain. I ask, “Where am I?” and a voice replies, “In your house.” Then I ask, “Where is it?” The voice says, “Oklahoma” I went to college in Oklahoma!

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Hello Janis,

The voice is likely your Higher Self or a spirit guide that is offering some clues about the upcoming change in your life. So of course I have to ask, how would you feel about retiring in Oklahoma? If that area doesn’t appeal to you anymore, then the dream may not be so literal. Perhaps it’s not the location that’s important, but the fact that you went to college there. Are you thinking of taking some classes after you retire? You may find yourself on a whole new path, symbolized by the strange house, that you didn’t anticipate. Maybe retirement for you means doing something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time, energy or resources to pursue.

You indicated you’re an Aquarius, a sign that can be revitalized and inspired by change. As an air sign, you need to keep your brain active. An active social life will be necessary for your happiness, too. Also, it’s the sign of the humanitarian, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to volunteer for a nonprofit that helps the underprivileged. Focus on nourishing your spirit, as symbolized by the kitchen, and you’ll find the right path.

Best of luck and sweet dreams,

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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Reconnect to Your Higher Self

  1. Cindy

    I know it has been quite a few months since you posted this but what you said touched my heart. First let me say I made a decision to be ‘stuck’ too. Only mine lasted 23 years. When I said I made that decision to be stuck I am saying it is no ones fault but mine. I had children with him, loyalty, ect. But by staying in a loveless relationship because I was afraid of hurting him makes me realize that I considered him a weak individual. Which I know now is not true. But think of all the years I have lost. Not just losing out on a more compatible relationship, but all my other hopes and dreams put to the side. Living with someone you know is not right for you is like putting yourself into a jail cell and throwing away the key. Why on Earth would we do that? Yes, it can seem like an easier path at the moment. Day by day living goes on and sometimes it might not even seem half bad. But do you feel that you are slowly losing who you really are? Remember yourself when you were a child and then a little older. What did you want for yourself then? That person is still inside you. Relationships do not change the core of who we are. To help him move on tell him of your real hopes and dreams for the future. Then ask him to be honest with himself too and picture his future in 10 or 20 years from now. Is he really happy? Are you? While I was writing this I saw a beautiful ring. It wasn’t necessarily a diamond ring but it seemed to have multi-stones in it. I felt it had some connection to you. Maybe it is a ring you will buy for yourself one day when you are out there living the life you really want. Good luck Vanessa. I have faith this will all work out for you.

  2. vanessa

    I feel stuck, I am not following my heart. my soul is almost transparent. I dont want to break hearts, and feel its easier to stay for the other person. Then i break my own 🙁 what to do? advice to help me help him to move on too?


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