DreamCast: Music From the Heart

Michael in Boulder, Colorado writes:

Recently, I “broke up” with someone who I have loved surprisingly way more than anyone else in my life, despite a rather tumultuous aspect during our one year together (she has a lot of fears from the past that kept splitting us apart).

Recently, I found shiny little plastic red heart in the gutter. It was on a silver chain that was broken. I kept it for some reason (no one likes to throw hearts away, right?!). Within a few days of the breakup with Kathi, I had a short dream about this heart. It was buzzing and even seemed to be singing or playing music. Definitely trying to get my attention. I woke up and thought, Okay, what was that all about? Then maybe a week later, I was taking a nap in a friend’s car, and this silly little heart popped back in my dreams for a visit, with the number 2 (in parentheses) slowly appearing in white. That was the dream, more like a visitation than a dream! But what struck me was that I was so sad that Kathy was “gone” from my life, and here I was having two dreams in less than a week about a heart. How could they not be about her? The number 2 that showed up seemed a clear sign. The parentheses around it made me think of love that is “unrealized/not yet,” and of course the focus at the time was with Kathy. It made me feel better, and of course, I have not thrown that little red heart away!

Still, Kathy and I seem to be on a rocky path (we have had some really sweet weeks up until yesterday, when she lost it again and tried to push me away). Were the dreams about Kathy and me, or someone/something else? Thanks a lot.



Hello Michael,

Certainly, no one likes to throw hearts away! This sweet sentiment is the key to the dream’s message. You’re unwilling to let your love for Kathy fade from your life. Imperfect as she is — just like the heart with the broken chain — found in the gutter, no less — you value the music from her heart. The fact that the heart you dreamed of was made of plastic may mean your relationship with Kathy isn’t a long-lasting one, at least in its present form. Red is the color of passion, so the number 2 turning white in the second dream might mean your relationship is turning into more of a spiritual bond than a relationship between lovers.

It’s tough to let go of a relationship that swings from blissful to impossible. It sounds like Kathy puts up a barrier between you when you get too close. She obviously has some issues to resolve before she’s ready for a long-term relationship with a healthy guy. Your love for her has helped her grow, as her love for you has blessed your life. Whatever comes of your relationship, know that you’ll forever hold the love you had with her in your heart.

Sweet dreams,


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