Married After 3 Weeks

Boy! I would have to say I was definitely married in a past life. This particular past life had a huge lesson and in this lifetime, has brought an even bigger blessing to me.

It all started when I was engaged to a man who I knew had way too much charisma for his own good. He, unfortunately was also known as a “player”. Even though I knew this and saw how he was, I also thought that he was my “soulmate” and felt that the love of a good woman would change him … don’t we all? Well, it didn’t and I went through one of the darkest periods of my life. When I just couldn’t look away anymore, I found out it was a woman who reminded him of his ‘fiancée’! (I bet you can see all the red flags in the above … but I was ‘in love’.)

Fast forward three years after of celibate dating … I was working as a Production Floor Manager in Silicon Valley, California and had to make a call to a vendor who was engineering a special part for us. When I called I was told by the Manager who answered the phone that the engineer was not in and I replied, “Oh crap! Have you ever had a Friday that felt like a Monday and just wanted to get into your car and drive to Oregon?” His reply was, “Oregon? What do you know of in Oregon?” So I told him how I’d used to take vacations with my ex-fiancé there.

After three months of talking on the phone to ‘the Manager,’ I agreed to meet him in person at a restaurant. As we sat down and began to talk, all of a sudden I was engulfed in a vision – I was at some sort of French Court gala and laughing behind a fan to my friends about something. Being a member of the Royal Court also meant that I was somewhat promiscuous, as most of the others were … it was just something that was taken very lightly by most. As I was laughing, I turned to the door and saw two gentlemen in French uniforms standing there. I remember saying to my group, “See that young man on the right? He will be my next husband.” Everyone laughed as I had done this before.

The next moment in this vision, I was living in a huge estate out in the country, where I had indeed married the young man I spoke of prior. He was holding me down over a wood chopping block and raising an ax over me. My last thought was of how sorry I was for getting caught with my indiscretions before it all went black.

Back to the restaurant – I snapped out of my vision and my date was asking me where I had gone to because I had stopped talking in mid-sentence. He looked so much like the uniformed gentleman in the vision … I asked him, “Do I look familiar to you?” His answer was, “Yes,” then I asked “Do you get the feeling that I have hurt you before?” His answer was “Yes, but not in this life.” Now, let me explain something, this man is an engineer and doesn’t believe in what science cannot prove, so his answer to me was stunning.

Three weeks later we were married and have been for almost 19 years! We have a very special marriage, and at times because of his work, he has had to live away from home for over 5 years, only coming home on weekends. We were always asked by friends how we managed to do that and our reply was simply, “We trust each other.”

11 thoughts on “Married After 3 Weeks

  1. Maryfrances ext 9225

    Miss Krystal, If I hadn’t been triggered by a work question via email, even I wouldn’t have “shared” so openly, so I truly understand.

    In the Medicine Ways…one teaches alot of times by the telling of stories (verbal tradition) or the sharing of stories and it up to the listener or in this media…read, to glean what it means to them. And as you can see by the different flavor of respones, it meant a something different to each person.

    Your comment so impacted me by so few words, that said so much that I am still smiling by all that you wrote and didn’t write!

  2. misskrystal

    I am really enjoying your articles, Maryfrances. Please keep them coming. So full of wisdom.
    I hope I get to meet you-I have an ex fiance, too lol
    however, I do believe reading this article, yesterday, lead me into a deep dreamstate and triggered a lot. I will not share, but I think you get the idea lol
    Miss Krystal

  3. Maryfrances ext 9225

    George…My friend, I don’t know what to say as I see & feel much is going on inside you. Thank you for your comment and walk gently.

  4. Maryfrances ext 9225

    Miss Abigail, Thank you for seeing that it just wasn’t just a “happy story” but that it was a stunningly difficult lesson and that took a couple of life times to turn over the wisdom and so I walk in this lifetime, “have the tee shirt and the ball cap” don’t care to “lose my head” again over causing someone else to feel such ugly pain as I had inflicted in a former life and also felt myself in this lifetime.

    Also my Peer…thank you so very much for your knowing, seeing and your generous words! May we both continue to walk in such a way that we are humbled and also honored to do the work that we do!

    Mitakuye Oyasin
    “we are all related”

  5. Maryfrances ext 9225

    Meghan, one just has to love how organtic life is when we are our open at the “right” time. And yes, I agree that this knowing can/does apply to all kinds of realationships, as truly a close tried & true friendship is just as important as marriage. Different flavor, yet equally as important. Here’s to you and your’s ever sharing and growing! 🙂

  6. Maryfrances ext 9225

    Carmen, I smiled when I read your comment! For me, it was a feeling from a devine sorce that it may not have made any sense to my family, his or even to myself, yet I knew. To this day I still marvel at how The Universe works! Carmen, may you also marvel and continue to have a sassy happy marriage! 🙂

  7. Abigailx9570

    Very nice Maryfrances …..some good old love karma & memories that got righted in this life time 🙂 You are such a sweetheart ….if you have never read with this lady you truly are missing out she is wonderful.

    Many Blessings

  8. George

    Heres one that fits perfectly into what your all talking about . I am married not a great marriage but marriage nonetheless ( 19 years ) my wife finally talked me into opening an account on a social site, i get on it & after a few days i decide i want to try and interact with a few other ” likeminded people ” so i start going around to other sites and what pops up ( damn near in 3-d ) but a very pretty women. I dont think much of it because ” lets face it ” pretty women are a dime a dozen, over the course of the next few day’s a week it happened two or three more times almost mesmerizingly and she did look vaguely familiar to me so i started following her on twitter. After listening to her words i realized this chicks thinking is EXACTLY the kind of thinking I would be attracted to and assuming personalities follow you from incarnation to incarnation There could be no other logical explanation for it ( i know, i’m kinda slow ) I am WITHOUT a doubt convinced we had much more than an affair ( REPEATEDLY ) for one thing just thinking about her fogs up MY thinking !

  9. Meghan

    I’ve never had this experience with a romantic interest, but when my best friend and I first met each other when we were 15, we both instantly knew – without doubt – that we’d be friends our entire lives. So far, it’s still true!

  10. Carmen

    Yay, Maryfrances! I can relate to this very well. I know this feeling and this familiarity myself. My husband proposed to me after 3 weeks and we got married after being together a mere 2 months 😀

    He is my soulmate, I am his and we knew it the minute we met and talked.


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