Meet Your Spirit Guides: Breaking the Tie That Binds

Irina from Glen Head, New York asks:

I broke up with my boyfriend almost a year ago, but he’s still on my mind. I feel like we’re always talking, but not on a physical level, of course.

I feel like I’m going crazy. I “asked” him to leave, and he did for several days, but then he came back and we’re now communicating. Am I going crazy? What can I do to get rid of this kind of “communication?” What does it mean? Is it my imagination or something else?

Dear Irina,

You’re definitely not going crazy or imagining things. What you’re experiencing is a vivid psychic hookup with your ex.

Fortunately, there are several articles on the web site, beyond this one short column, that will really help you deal with your complex, layered situation. They are “Soul Friends,” “Soul Agreements,” “When Your Soul Mate Opts Out,” and “Psychic Forum: Cutting Energy Cords.” You’ll also find the blog discussion following both “Cutting Cords” and “When Your Soul Mate Opts Out” especially useful and relevant for your situation.

Your astrological information shows that you have been going through a cycle of very intense and liberating spiritual or soul growth, a cycle which has been especially powerful since May of 2009, and which affects your career, your creativity, your destiny and – most of all! – the way you experience love and your values regarding relationships.

You’ll be happy to know that by early next year, this cycle will be complete. This probably means that you will be able to completely separate from your ex, who clearly plays a significant part in your soul growth experiences. Look for a lot of action around this situation in early December, which will lead to you finally being able to fully free yourself from the pain, taking the wisdom with you into the future.

Since the specific steps you can take to get rid of the “communication” with your ex are described in detail in the articles I recommended, let’s now look at what your spirit guides have contributed to this discussion.

Your guides want you to know that the next stage of your spiritual evolution will definitely involve another level of psychic/spiritual awakening, and you may discover that you have channeling and healing abilities. This may pop up next year, or it may make itself known later, but it’s already there, as the seed was planted earlier this year. The channeling will undoubtedly help you have very clear communications with your guides at the very least.

Also, your guides recommend that, in addition to using the techniques in the articles, you ask them for help deflecting your ex’s communications the instant you feel that connection activate. All the techniques will take regular application to finally release you, because in spite of your ex’s abandonment, the connection is still powerful. But it will happen, rest assured!

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6 thoughts on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Breaking the Tie That Binds

  1. Layla Geldhof

    I had a very rough life also was married twice with the wrong partner and right now i am in a long year relationship with my partner ,the past 3 years i have started to build up a new carriere and lifestyle for myselfI wanted to do more for others so i started to work as a psychic cardreader and found my true happiness in helping others ,my relationship on the other hand is completely a mess ,he feels neglected because i help a lot of people also after a reading when they need to talk to someone and i was allready feeling very sad and lost that my carreer was going great my personal life was going deep so out of the blue i had contact again with some people i know for a very long time and i have foung back someone from my youth a true friend and we found eachother after he was searching for me also online and one day we had contact again and it feels like ment to be ,i am deeply in love and he was married when i saw him back last year in the spring and now he is divorcing because of me i dont know but it had opened up his eyes that he can be happy so he made some choices allready but offcourse after a marriage for more then 20 years he needs some time and i want to be free also but then he tells me i should better take it easy ,so do i risk on losing his affection when i stay with my partner allthough i am deeply in love i need to stay real and not that i give up everything for something that is so uncertain right now ,i would like to know what can i do ,i feel so much for this old friend ,i never forgot about him and because he is so rational and controlled its hard to find out what he is feeling for me and i guess when i would be single that things would be completely differend ,me myself i am not that happy anymore these past years and have nothing to loose but should i take my time ?It does not feel right to be in love and in this sitatuon …..would like to know what you think Verbena ? Layla

  2. hferg

    I’ve had the same “communication” problem that Irina’s had but mine has been going on for 16+ years. I would dream of my ex every few months even though we hadn’t communicated in all that time. I though I was going crazy too. About a year ago we reconnected (we’d talk on the phone) and I saw him about 3 months ago (he moved to the east coast shortly after we broke up). We both still love each other and it was like no time had passed. Unfortunately, since then I haven’t heard a word from him. I have no idea what happened and the “communication” has now gotten worse and I find myself “communicating” all the time.

    I want to get on with my life (I’m miserable) and was happy that I saw your article Verbena. I’m going to try the steps you suggested in “When your soul mate opts out”. Wish me luck…apparently I need it!

  3. soinsanelyinlove17

    i think we may be having the same situation.
    but mine is a bit more complicated but i dont know.. i feel that i am too going crazy for i cant get him out of my mind and life i did alot of things just to be able to forget him but we always ended up missing each other and talking again eventually its been more than a yr now and i am still trying to release him of my life.. for some reason .

  4. Patricia Brown

    I wasn’t going to comment on this article but then thought maybe I should, I might be able to help someone. I have been connected to my first love for 47 years. I know he is part of my soul family and that we have had many lives together. I, very simply, love him and always will.

    Over the years, I have tried numerous times to cut the cord and on one occasion, I asked Archangel Michael for his help in cutting the cord. My ex will disappear for a while and the next thing I know, he is right back. The way I have decided to contend with this is when I feel him, I close my eyes and send out Love and Light. I have accepted that we will always be connected but when I send out my message, the craziness stops.

  5. Leisha Gibbons

    Hey gal Irina I have been through wat you went through but bit by bit its going away slowly. Before I was terrified he knew what was in my head coz there were too many coincidences where he would pop out of no where for a chat. Hint stuff on what I was thinking (also he’d avoid me as much as he can when i became obsessed with him making contact with me again) . Even the images too. He;d be sarcastic about it lolz to piss me off. But once you dont give a damn about it you will feel more free. Though, I can feel he can sense me but i dont dwell much to it. i do feel positive vibes slowly making their way to me too. Just recently I had the guts to try pursue something I lost faith in 🙂 irina good luck to ya and your not alone.

  6. Jai Krishna Ponnappan

    My response to this Article,

    There is only one thing in this world that can deceive and seem to destroy Love. Jesus did not heal lepers by performing amputations or invasive laser surgeries. He healed them with Love, the hallmark of a true healer. Destructive cord cutting rituals are very symbolic of the very thing many Tarot card readers, Psychics and Wiccans worship and serve. Re- birthing, destroying the old and creating the new, are all well, if done transparently with the hope that some thing new will create itself at the decided and natural ending of a life cycle. Don’t mask such rituals or recommendations as pretentious healing, lovers are not fools so don’t treat them and their maker and sustainer with such dismissive contempt. Love is not an easy reward to preserve in a world such as this. We all make mistakes and being honest and truthful helps resolve the worst of the lies this world can throw at you. You can heal the five senses, the mind, psychic perceptions, objects of sensual pleasures and the flesh. It is harmful to claim to heal the Soul. Chasing after quick ritualistic, astrological or psychic fixes to mitigate mundane irritations can never fully benefit the Soul. The Soul is a mysterious thing even beyond the Spirit. It’s like an extension from an eternal being, no one owns it. Don’t let your ego get too big on you. Abusing your free Will in this manner can only dig a deeper, bewildering, entangling and self perpetuating spiral of a trench one life time after the other. Such advice can make Souls suffer longer than they should or normally and naturally would. A needless thing for You, Your Clients and every body else involved. Hateful and destructive rituals such as this have a destructive spiral that may seem tempting, promising and enchanting at first, but will prove just as destructive as the beguiling force behind such ideas. You can not destroy a thing like Love which you did not create. You can neither prevent the justice that will fight to sustain and preserve it. Isn’t there enough hate as it is in this world? Do we need to add to it by instigating, machinating and starting new feuds. There is a hidden Justice that watches, governs and regulates all Souls, and protects those that threaten the flock of humanity and its loving shepherd. The One who knows All, sees All and Loves All will surely never fail to Heal All.

    Why wait till December or next year or your horoscope ? You are more precious than all the stars in the sky. When Someone Loves you so much and Love can do so much more for your very Soul, then why doubt or question it ?

    Learn to Trust in Love…It is eternal and unconditional..Don’t let the small mundane problems of your five senses, mind and psyche lead you astray from the everlasting memories of Love your Soul remembers, sustains and dwells in. Love preserves All Souls, however much this world may numb our hearts and fool our senses. You can not run away from a thing like Love. It is the Life within your Soul. Allow your soul to fully partake in its joys, learn to respect another human being, treat them with the God given worth, potential and dignity they all deserve. Like beads of a necklace that hang by a thread, Love holds and preserve all existence in its eternity. Be accepting and grateful, for Love is an eternal experience, and You my dear (Irina from Glen Head) will be happy right now this very moment.


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