DreamCast: Evolve Spiritually When You Trust Yourself

JoAnn in Plymouth, Michigan writes:

In my dream, I was driving on a new highway. Going up a hill, I noticed the reddest sunset I had ever seen. I got to the top and there was a roaring fire of brilliant reds and yellow. I decided to drive through it as fast as I could so I did’t burn up. As soon as I got through it, I saw the most beautiful sky, trees and flowers. The air smelled fresh. When I tried to tell people what happened, they just turned their backs to me with nothing to say.

Hello JoAnn,

Such an inspiring dream! Whatever challenges you’re dealing with, or about to experience, you’ll get through them beautifully. The new highway is a very positive symbol that represents a new path, shift in attitude or way of dealing with certain aspects of your life. Driving uphill indicates you’re progressing spiritually, especially since you got to the top and saw beauty all around you.

Whenever possible with dream symbols, it’s always good to analyze them on a physical level first. With this in mind, the fire could indicate you were feeling too warm while you were asleep. On a symbolic level, fire indicates an emotional or spiritual purification. Red symbolizes energy, anger or passion; it’s also the color or Aries, your Sun sign. Yellow is an uplifting color associated with the intellect, so this may be a good time to learn something new.

Perhaps the main message of the dream is to trust yourself and ignore the cluelessness of others. You were doing the driving, so you’re in charge of your direction. Even if people don’t “get” who you are or what you’re doing, it’s important to stay true to yourself.

Sweet dreams,


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3 thoughts on “DreamCast: Evolve Spiritually When You Trust Yourself

  1. kathym292

    It was like in the future, I was with my son we where leaving a club and when walking the water strated to rise and now i was caring a new born baby,my son climb on this machine that lead to a walk area but the me statred to move and my son was yelling and then he fell between the machaine and the wall, he was gone and i just stod thier i couldnt even screem for help, then i woke up

  2. brenda

    My dad dies 3 years ago..my sister had a dream that dad called her..of course she was asking him all kinds of questions but never really gave her any answers. dad dies with lung disease and she asked him how come you are breathing funny i through when you go to heaven you are suppose to be healthy again..all he told her was what ever you die from here on earth yu have the same when you go to heaven..also mom passed away last year and she was cremated..she asked dad how was mom doing and he told her that he never seen her and she told him that she was up there with her and he should go find her.. even though it was a dream she tried to move something in her dream and asshe got up to move something the phone went dead..I guess even through it was a dream why would dad come back and be breathing the way he was befor he died and all so how come when my sister asked how was mom doing he told her that he never seen her up there..if you could shed so light on this for be it would awesome because my sister thinks that it is wrong to be cremated dad was not but mom was that was her wish. me and my 2 other sisters have some psychic abilty and she is one of them but she is really confused obout he dream…thanking you in advance..


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