DreamCast: Dream of Your Soulmate

Raisa from Hialeah, Florida writes:

Did I dream of my soulmate? For a few years now, I have been dreaming about a man that I have fallen in love with; other men just don’t interest me. I’ve even had visions of us in a past life. I’d nearly forgotten about all of this until I started dreaming about him again recently. In one of the dreams, I flew in and asked him how he would find me, and he told me through a message. In other dreams, we are talking happily—he’s always standing around or sitting at a table, and I’m always at the sink with running water. How odd. I see myself in clothes that I have worn recently, not in the past.

I don’t know if I’m being foolish for waiting for this man to appear in my life, but I must say I would like nothing better. Can you help me?

Hello Raisa,

It’s hard to say whether these are psychic dreams that foretell a meeting with this man, or if you’re just spending time with him in the astral planes. In any case, I suspect he’s a “real” soul with whom you have a past-life connection. The question is, will your karma tie be played out in your current life?

On the upside, as you probably suspect, the fact that you saw yourself in clothing that you wear currently implies that if he’s meant to come into your life, it would be now. The sink with running water either symbolizes the flow of emotions you feel when you’re around him, or the waste of emotions on someone ethereal.

In any case, I would suggest being open to meeting other men. Nothing says that you can’t have fun while waiting for your dream guy to arrive!

Sweet dreams,


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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Dream of Your Soulmate

  1. Thembi

    I’ve been with this guy for about six months,recently things are not ok and I decided to move out of his flat and we’ve never talked things out ,and now I’m with another guy dating though.

    My question is I woke up with a dream ealry this morning seeing (him the one I was staying with in a flat) having sex with a woman exctual there were two women in the room,he was busy with the other one while the other one was watching.As I walk in the women started laughing at me,and he looked like he is not sorry at all.I asked him what is going on here can he explain all this to me.He was kind like quiet he never say a word he just looked at me with the face that says what do you want here?

  2. Beth

    I too have a dream about the same man.. when the dreams started around 16 years ago.. I did not know this man. Had I ever saw him around? Yes, in my dreams throughout the years we’re always in love, together as a couple. I have now known him for 7 years.. I started working at my friend restaurant 8 years ago.. He started coming in to eat there.. we became friends, but he was married… so I didn’t think the dreams would ever come true. Now he is getting divorced, so I am hoping my dreams will come true. I have a huge crush on him, and he knows it. I have laughed with him about my dreams… I always say to him.. we had to be “together” in another life somehow. I reallty believe it and hope we find each other in this life. We’ll see!


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