DreamCast: Discover Your True Life Path

Aviwe from Queenstown, New Zealand writes:

It’s been almost a year now, and I’m trying to get the meaning of this dream but I’m not having any success. I hope you can help me.

In the dream, my cousin, who is a reverend, is asking me what’s wrong and why am I crying? Then he asks me to leave the room that we are in so that we will have privacy. When we get outside, I tell him that my life is a mess, because everything I try to build falls apart.

He asks me to look up – he is drawing something in the air that I can’t see. Because I can’t see it, he starts drawing on the floor. It is a big rose, which suddenly disappears. My cousin says to me that the big flower is gone now, and then shows me a green rosebud saying, “Keep watering it so that it can be a rose again.”

Hello Aviwe,

Such an inspiring dream! I believe it was meant to offer encouragement in the face of the obstacles you’ve encountered. You’re undoubtedly heading toward a new path, as symbolized by the green rosebud.

What’s more, the reverend symbolizes your “higher self,” which means the dream contains a powerful message about your spiritual growth. It’s interesting that the reverend changed the presentation of the message so you could understand it. Perhaps discovering your true path entails focusing on the foundation (floor) of your spiritual beliefs, rather than trying to discern your destiny through your intellect (sky).

The rose is a beautiful symbol of your inner growth. Apparently, you’re meant to step away from what you have built in the past and begin anew. You’re experiencing a metaphorical death and rebirth, which could apply to one or many aspects of your life, such as your attitudes about certain things, emotional patterns from childhood, career goals or your approach to relationships.

So take hope. You are in the process of finding a new direction. If you continue to nurture your hopes and dreams, have faith in yourself and stay true to yourself, opportunities will open up for you.

Sweet dreams,


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  1. Jennifer

    ya i really would like to know if all my worries will ever end but everyone ask for money to help and i have no money right now and i really need help.. is there any one that is willing to help for free?


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