DreamCast: When Dreams Predict a High Paying Job

Literally Follow Your Dreams

This prophetic dream from Angela in Phoenix, Arizona inspired her to follow her intuition, which led to a high-paying job:

“I had an interesting dream in which I discovered a mailbox that I didn’t realize I had. It was full of lots of old mail, including a bunch of paperwork saying that my unemployment denial had been reversed. One of the envelopes had a sheet of about six or seven checks. The first check was already made out to me, and the rest were blank, as if I could just fill in whatever amount I wanted.

I’m not sure exactly what my subconscious was saying, but it felt like a good thing. Back in 2002, I won my appeal for unemployment, so the dream was illustrating a similar situation. Maybe there is a source of funds that I haven’t found yet, and when I do, I’ll be able to take however much I need. Or maybe it’s more symbolic. Either way, my subconscious was definitely working on something significant.”

Want to know what your dreams mean? Talk to Psychic Kim ext. 5512 who is a dream analyst. I think the mailbox symbolized the arrival of an important message via Angela’s subconscious or higher self. The message pointed to a wealth of opportunities that could come her way; she just had to open the envelopes, meaning, open herself up to her inner resources, such as her higher self or faith – the source of her personal power.

One way to access your personal power is through your intuition, which is just what Angela did. A week after the dream, Angela said her intuition told her to check a private forum through which she’d found work previously. She hadn’t visited the site for a month or so. Sure enough, she spotted a job in her field. To her amazement, she applied for the job was hired within 10 days. Even better, she had written her salary expectation on the application, but she wound up getting paid twice what she had requested, with more hours of work than was advertised. Could your dreams be giving you career advice? Talk to Psychic Reba ext. 5508 and find out!

Angela says, “So indeed there was a source of income out there for me that I was still unaware of at the time of the dream.” The key, she concludes, was following her intuition to check out that forum; otherwise, she wouldn’t have seen the job listing.

One last note about manifesting your goals: Between the time of the dream and the time she got the job, Angela finally got around to throwing out a box of old financial paperwork – receipts, income tax returns and such – dating back 11 years. “I had been dragging that box around from one home to the next because I never had time to go through it,” she says. “I finally ripped up every piece of paper, which took hours, and then threw it all away in a big trash bag. It was such a relief! I’m sure that feng shui experience cleared the way for the new income to come in.”

I wholeheartedly agree!

Sweet dreams,

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