DreamCast: High School Feels Incomplete

About six times a month I dream I’m in high school and did not finish my courses. I know in my dream that I did graduate from high school, but I went back because I wanted something to do. I feel awful after these dreams. What do they mean?

Pat in Rhode Island

Hello Pat,

Is there something in your life that feels incomplete? Do you have a talent or interest that you’ve hidden away, perhaps from your high school years? Or maybe you’d like to increase your education. You indicated in your email that you’re an Aquarius and you just turned 60. Part of your destiny is to use your talent for enlightening people through an idea you have to communicate. This could take the form of joining a book club, a self-help group, a political discussion forum or being an activist for a cause close to your heart. Additionally, you could take some college courses to widen your horizons. Whatever you choose to do, know that you have something of value to share with others.

Sweet dreams,

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