DreamCast: Is Amy His Love?

Mark in Grand Junction, Colorado writes:

Recently, I asked for the name of my Spirit Guide, and also for my love to be shown to me. Then I had this dream: I’m playing in the snow with a woman. She is jumping on my back and trying to knock me down, and we are both laughing and having a great time. I know it’s me in the dream because I am wearing my ski suit, but I never see the woman’s face. Suddenly, a voice just starts repeating the name Amy over and over again, about five or six times, and then I wake up. I can’t figure this dream out. Is Amy my love to wait for or my spirit guide to listen to — or something else entirely? Thanks!

Hello Mark,

Well if I were you, I’d certainly be on the lookout for a woman named Amy, especially during the wintertime! The dream does seem to reveal a specific woman who will be meaningful to you, but you’re the only one who can answer for sure what role she’ll play in your life. Since the dream didn’t have a teacher-student vibe about it, nor did it seem overly “spiritual” in nature — such as the kind of dreams you often see when you’re introduced to a Spirit Guide — I’d surmise that the dream is about a future relationship. But hey, perhaps you have a mischievous Spirit Guide who likes to bring out your playful side.

To get a better idea of the dream’s message, try meditating on the scenario between you and the woman and see what feelings come up. As always, the feelings that arise during a dream (or because of it) are crucial in interpreting the message.

And be sure to let us know if Amy emerges from the dream and into your waking life!

Sweet dreams,


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