DreamCast: A Fire In a Large Building

I dreamt that I was in a large building – like a resort in Honolulu or Thailand but it was my current workplace in Toronto. I was on the ground (marble) floor lobby (open aired) trying to gather up everyone’s things because there was a fire. I felt a sense of urgency alongside one of my male co-workers who was also trying to gather up things from his department and get them out before the fire spread. It was a sunny day and there were blue skies outside. I remember grabbing a CD autographed by all four Beatles (something not possible because John Lennon died before the invention of CDs) for my assistant. I was so glad I could get that out for her. Then I saw white smoke coming up between the big square slabs in the floor and knew I had to get out immediately. I looked over at my other co-worker and he nodded that we should both go. I remember thinking, “Oh, I didn’t grab my birth certificate!” But it was too late as I headed for the street. I was bummed about the birth certificate and wondered what else I may have forgotten, but was glad my co-worker and I would make it to safety. There was no sound in my dream, but I often dream without sound, where people communicate telepathically. Then I woke up.


From Kathy in Toronto

Hello Kathy,

This dream indicates some distress or anger (fire) about influences beyond your control, like your job going up in smoke. Fire is destructive but also transforming, so it seems you’re preparing for (or fearing) a sudden change. It may be an external change or a positive internal shift that opens up opportunities for you (sunshine and blue skies). Most intriguing are the foreign elements – the exotic feel of the location, the Beatles being British – what does Britain mean to you? And the birth certificate, something you desperately wanted to save, documents your citizenship and identity. You were trying to rescue what’s valuable to you, some of which affects your home life, marriage and perhaps your sense of who you are. I would suggest doing the following visualization: Sit down, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Picture yourself inside the building and see the fire. Ask the fire what message it has for you. (You can converse with all the dream elements this way.) Pay attention to whatever comes to mind and write it down, which will shed light on the dream’s meaning.

Sweet dreams,


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