DreamCast: Chased by a Lion

I dreamt that I found a very beautiful blue bird in the street. This bird was very needy, very tender, and I took it home with me. One day when I came home, the bird was not there any longer. I asked my sister where the bird was and she said my mom had set him free. Then I decided to look for him again. I thought I could find him again in the same place I had found him before, although I knew this might be impossible because that bird was so beautiful and his blue color was so wonderful, that someone else would have taken him. But then I found him again, in the same place, only this time there were several felines around him. And just when I was about to take him, a very fierce lioness attacked him, with a wide open mouth. I thought ‘I will save this bird, but I don’t know whether I can run faster than this lioness.’ Still, I took the bird and started running, and the lioness began chasing me. I was able to get to my house and close the gate behind me. Then the lioness looked at me and said, “Well, I can see that our similarity is not just the eyes.” And the dream was over. Just to inform, I have green eyes, and everybody says they look like a cat’s eyes.


From Cristhina in S„o Paulo, Brazil

Hello Cristhina,

Your dream is a dramatic illustration of the different sides of a dreamer’s psyche. Both the lovely, needy bird and the fierce lioness are you. One is your tenderness, the other is your strength. It’s interesting that your mother set the bird free. By nurturing your sensitive, spiritual, creative side, you’ll enable this part of yourself to thrive. That you still search for the bird indicates that you’re sometimes out of touch with this part of yourself. Mainly, the dream is pointing out that there’s a conflict between your inner bird and inner lioness. You may fear that if you’re strong and stand up for yourself, you’ll destroy your sensitivity. Strive to integrate the bird and the lioness so you can have both.

Sweet dreams,

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