Survive Black Friday

Money’s tight. Stores are crowded. Yet your holiday gift list is as long as ever. What’s the trick to surviving the insanity of the shopping season? Why to make it personal — and pleasurable — of course! While it may not solve all your problems, astrology can certainly help. Here’s your guide to getting beyond Black Friday (and all the way to your gift exchange) by sign!

Fire Signs
Being at the ready (in other words “fired up and ready to go!”) is a common mark of those born under Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, so if these fierce and feisty types want to maximize their shopping experience, the trick is to treat shopping like an adventure… After all, what is braving the stores at this time of year if not an epic voyage of creativity?! So adjust your attitudes! Shopping isn’t a chore, it’s a hunt – and Fire Signs get off on the chase.

Once you’re in the mall, skip the itemized lists in favor of flying by instinct. Or skip the mall itself altogether and go off the beaten path. Experience gifts (like classes or tours or a guided hike), spread a little of your Fire Sign love in unexpected ways.

Earth Signs
Practical and task oriented, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo may be the best shoppers in the zodiac. Not only do all three signs have a knack for finding bargains, they know what people need, which means their gifts always come in handy. To personalize this shopping season – and make it even more instinctual from their own perspective, Earth Signs should tap into sensual gifts. Sound a little risqué when buying for friends and family? Don’t worry, sensual doesn’t have to mean sexy!

Implore taste, touch, smell, sight and sound and Earth Signs won’t go wrong. Edible gifts (homemade or purchased), soft blankets for keeping warm in winter (knitted by hand or found on sale) and scented candles (perfumes, potpourri) are all solid selections… So are movie or museum tickets and mix CDs/playlists or itunes giftcards.

Air Signs
People born under the signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra like to make sense of things – it’s the intellectual part of their nature. It follows then that they’re more likely to talk about what they’re going to give people than they are to actually get out and get things done. The result? Big plans, last minute shopping, lots of frustration.

This year, why not make a change? While Air Signs may have their heads in the clouds (filled with visions of Sugar Plums and limitless possibilities), they’re also extremely adaptable. After all, what does air do – it flows! Tap into your desire to socialize and make a friend date out of shopping. Enlist your pals, plan ahead and bring a checklist. Some gifts you may find convey your special spark? Trendy items most wouldn’t buy for themselves, brainteasers and cultural commentary (books, movies, pop art) are all particularly airy allocations.

Water Signs
The emotional core of the zodiac, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are people who can read the undercurrents of a situation. Focused on fostering connection, family and relationships mean the world to them. As a result, they’re usually artistic by nature and pretty good gift givers.

If you’re a Water Sign overwhelmed by the actual activity of heading out on the hunt for the perfect presents, forego the foray into the chain stores in favor of personalization – and inspiration. Select a theme that reflects your good intentions (hope, happiness, abundance, love) and make each of your gifts a variation on that theme. Give charitably (Oxfam and other organizations donate to those in need in the name of your gift recipient) or consider passing on some psychic insight via a reading. If transformation strikes a chord (and it usually does for these signs of depth), why not pass it on?

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