DreamCast: A Misplaced Baby

I dreamt last night that I was going into labor, but had never realized I was pregnant. I kept thinking, “I hope the baby is alive and well, because I didn’t realize he was in there.” I touched my belly and was reassured that I could feel the heart beating strong and healthy. The labor was almost painless and the baby came out happy and healthy, but later I kept forgetting where I put him! I was racing around frantically trying to find him and worrying about him because, after all, he was not even a day old yet. He needed his mommy and I just completely forgot what I did with him.

Lauren in Nevada City

Hello Lauren,

Babies usually symbolize new growth. So the question is, what’s developing in your life that you keep overlooking? It could be a growing talent, spiritual awakening, attitude or career path. Because you weren’t aware you were pregnant in the dream, it’s probably something you weren’t conscious of until recently (and aren’t totally aware of even now). And it’s obviously a positive development because the baby was happy and healthy. This new part of your life needs nurturing to grow. Perhaps if you meditate on your aspirations, you’ll get in touch with the thriving “newborn” inside you.

Sweet dreams,

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