DreamCast: Pampered at a Mansion

I dreamt of being taken to the most luxurious, most comfortable, beautiful place I have ever been. I was completely pampered in this spa-like mansion. I had the most incredible bed with the finest of linens and someone was there (female), always taking care of me and seeing to my comfort. There were gorgeous flowers that filled a spiral staircase and the smell – I cannot even describe how heavenly.

There were women who came in to bring me the finest clothes, jewelry and accessories to choose from. My baths were in a huge marble room which also had a wading pool. I felt the presence of a man, but saw no face or physical presence of one. I was shown the back of a massive estate and its grounds, with an in-ground pool that overlooked the ocean. I have never felt such a high, even upon waking I felt as light as air. What can this mean? This dream was so vivid!

From Carol in Omaha

Hello Carol,

What a fabulous place! My first thought is: Are you in need of a vacation? You indicated you’re a Cancer, a sign that often finds fulfillment in taking care of others but neglects to take time to recharge. Perhaps you need to be pampered for an afternoon or two. Of course, this could simply be a wish-fulfillment dream. On the other hand, this kind of dream often comes to us as a source of inspiration or healing when we’re feeling depleted. The dream may also indicate you have a talent for pampering others, which perhaps you can capitalize on in some fashion. Whichever the case, don’t forget to take some time for yourself to relax.

Sweet dreams,

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