DreamCast: Wasting Water

I had a dream about a toilet that was fed by jets continuously inside the bowl. I was told I was wasting water, so I tried innumerable ways to plug the jets with different materials: toilet paper, clay, glue – nothing worked. The jets kept spitting the water out. What’s this all about?

Sharyn in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hello Sharyn,

Toilets appear in dreams when you need to eliminate something from your life, such as a negative attitude or habit. Water represents your emotional state. It’s interesting that the toilet was being “fed,” as you put it, by out-of-control water jets. I think the jets represent unmanageable feelings that are emotionally draining (wasted water), but also seem to be “feeding” you in some way. Perhaps you need unnecessary drama to energize you. However, your unsuccessful attempts to plug up the water (block the drama and negativity) means that blocking your feelings isn’t working. I think you need to find a healthier way of handling emotional situations that isn’t dependent on repressing what you truly feel. Hope that helps!

Sweet dreams,

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