DreamCast: A Ghost In Her Old Roommate’s Room

I dreamed that I lived in an apartment-type house with my old roommates from San Francisco. The bedrooms were all upstairs, with mine and Lisa’s rooms attached by a connecting closet, while Jeanne’s and my room were both in the back, across from each other. Jeanne’s room was very cold and spooky. I felt there was a spirit there that I was afraid of, so I didn’t go into that room.




I went outside to park my car, which was in a city, surrounded by lots of tall buildings. A strange woman approached me and asked if I had shampoo to spare. I said sure, and her and her young son, about 4-5 years old, followed me to my place. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a half full bottle of shampoo and gave it to her. As we were walking out, I noticed her son wasn’t with us. I then heard a boy’s laughter coming from Jeanne’s room, so we went in to find the boy. He was lying on the floor and laughing. I asked him what he was laughing at and he said, “the man,” meaning the spirit that was in the room. I asked if he was funny and the boy answered yes. When I asked the boy what the spirit was doing, he said the spirit was there to protect us. I wasn’t really that afraid anymore but I was a bit spooked.




Later, I was sleeping in my bed and suddenly a red box was moving across the floor by itself. I was terrified and I called for my other roommate, Lisa. I could see her since my door was open and I was trying to scream her name for her to come help me, but nothing would come out. I didn’t have a voice anymore, so I lay there in bed, petrified, while watching the red box move across the floor.


Layla in Los Angeles


Hello Layla,


It seems you’re in the process of resolving something about the past that’s been “haunting” you. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jeanne? Your feelings about her hold the key to interpreting the dream. As for other clues, hair represents the way you think, and the lady asking for shampoo represents your ability to cleanse away negative thoughts. The bathroom symbolizes elimination. The boy in the dream is acting as a messenger, telling you there’s nothing to fear from the past. It’s interesting that the spirit said he’s there to protect you. This protection is symbolized by the box, which is probably an issue you’ve contained to keep yourself “safe” from having to deal with it. And red is the color of sexuality or anger (take your pick!). Of course, there’s always the chance that you actually encountered a spirit in your dream. But I think it’s more likely that the dream reveals an issue from your past that you’re working through.


Sweet dreams,

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