DreamCast: Caught Him Cheating

I keep having dreams that I am walking in on my boyfriend cheating on me. It’s never the same girl but it’s usually the same scenario of me going to his house and opening his bedroom door and there he is with another girl. What does that mean?


From Rae in Edmonton, Canada

Hello Rae,

You’re asking me if the dreams reveal he’s cheating or if you’re just being paranoid. I can’t answer that, but I can tell you that you’re not getting the message because the dreams keep recurring. Your unconscious is trying to tell you something. Do you truly trust your boyfriend? Perhaps he’s restless in the relationship and will eventually leave you for someone else. Or maybe he’s faithful and in love, but tends to hide other things from you. You indicated you’re a Capricorn. As an Earth sign, you need people to be upfront with you. No subterfuge or secrecy allowed. Or perhaps you’re cheating yourself, like choosing jobs or relationships that are wrong for you. Ask yourself what cheating really means. You might also share your dreams with your boyfriend and see what he says!

Sweet dreams,

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