DreamCast: Is He Ready for Marriage?

I dream I’m married to my boyfriend, Manish. Immediately after the marriage ceremony, he takes me on a train. We have some of his friends along with us. I am given the middle berth in the compartment, and my husband (my boyfriend) is on the lower berth. Also, I am pregnant even though we haven’t had a physical relationship. We are in the train for many days.

Finally, I ask my husband to take me away from the train as I am not comfortable there because I’m pregnant. My husband takes me to a house where he is sitting on the ground and preparing for lunch. Apart from our bedroom, there were two other bedrooms in the house. I ask my husband, whose bedrooms are these? He said that his two friends (bachelors) are also staying in the house. I show discomfort with this because I’ll be the only lady in the house.


Pooja in Delhi, India

Hello Pooja,

Is your intuition telling you that your boyfriend isn’t ready for marriage? The fact that his bachelor friends were along for the train ride and then were living with you may symbolize your boyfriend’s lack of maturity. Plus, the middle compartment you were assigned may mean you’re caught in the middle between your boyfriend and his friends. Being pregnant while still on the train reflects your feelings of being in transition in your relationship, when you’d rather be settled in your own home. Perhaps it’s time to have a discussion with your boyfriend on his expectations about marriage to see if they are aligned with yours.

Sweet dreams,

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