DreamCast: The Akashic Records

Paula from Buenos Aires writes:

I had a great dream today . . . After coming out of a maze, which seemed like an indoor obstacle race, I sit on a bench just outside the building to watch the clear night sky.
An unknown man sits next to me. I point up at some bright stars surrounding a full moon eclipse. A Phoenix that only we can see appears a second after that eclipse. It has white feathers on its body, along with orange and red feathers, all with a pearly shine. It turns into a white dove, so it can come down and perch on my hand. The dove speaks and we pet it a little.

Now, I’m riding in the back of a car, and then flying above the city, in search of a book that would teach me more about what I’d experienced. I see more feathery creatures of blue and red, along with tree men, gnomes, and other beings. I wave at a gnome and he winks at me. I exclaim to myself, “How wonderful it would be to experience this every day!” I awaken before finding the book, but I believe, at least in dreams, that I’ve been to that library before, so I’ll be there again. A boy who is about nine-years-old either looks after those books or spends a lot of his time with them.

Hello Paula,

You’re undergoing quite a spiritual exploration. I believe the library you’re referring to is the Akashic Records. This is a ‘cosmic computer’ of sorts, an ethereal compilation of divine knowledge that includes all human experiences. The Akashic Records often appears in dreams and visions as a magnificent library. Like you, I tried to find this library in a dream once, but I apparently I missed the mark and wound up in an elementary school instead! It is believed that before you are born, your soul examines your own records to determine which experiences you’ll undergo in order to balance your karma and fulfill your destiny. You can also examine these records while in your astral body during sleep, which is what you attempted to do.

As for the Phoenix and dove, the Phoenix often represents a metaphorical rebirth. This might be a foretelling of some profound changes you’re experiencing (or about to experience) that will accelerate your growth. You’re embracing the energy of the dove, which usually symbolizes peace, Christianity, and/or gentleness. Mainly, I think the dream is encouraging you to experience the magic of the universe by exploring many different spiritual philosophies and beliefs. Best of luck on your journey.

Sweet dreams,


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