My First Tarot Reading

I wanted to try something new when it came to getting insights on my potential career as an actress, so I decided on get my first Tarot reading with Psychic Laura ext. 5184. Laura was sweet and made me feel very comfortable from the first moment we spoke. I explained to her briefly the answers I was seeking, and as she pulled the first card, it insinuated that a new relationship was on the horizon. I found this funny because I’m married, but she reassured me that it didn’t always mean a romantic relationship — however, it was definitely going to be someone of significance in my life. I was very interested in this, as I am currently without an agent and am well aware of their importance in any actor’s career. The next card to appear was of money or career  — Laura explained that financially I was going to be secure enough that “not everything has to go to bills” – this left me feeling some great relief!

I revealed to Laura that my goal within the realm of acting was to be cast in a comedic TV series or movie. When she pulled a card in relation to my question, up came The Hermit. She explained that The Hermit meant that I have been holding back a part of myself in my comedy skills. I agreed with her and understood that I can’t refrain from letting my true self out if I want to succeed in this business.

We also discussed the importance of having writing very much apart of my life. She told me “people need to read what I have to say,” which I found very encouraging. I loved hearing all of this, and she even saw that I will have a wonderful balance of writing, career, and my marriage.

One of the last cards pulled in my spread was The Death card. She seemed thrilled that I had received this card, and I knew it meant something big.

“This is fantastic!” she gleamed. “The Death card symbolizes shedding of the old and giving birth (starting) of the new. With the cards you’ve received throughout this reading, this card is very appropriate!”

She explained that this specific card means big changes are on their way. Major transitions, new journeys, and challenges — exactly what I wanted to hear! Laura was absolutely genuine and full of compassion and excitement regarding my future as an actress. She also helped me understand that the Tarot is a great way for the universe to speak directly to you. I thought it was fascinating how each card directly answered the question I had asked. My first Tarot reading was nothing but good news and am happy to say it has helped my confidence skyrocket!

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