DreamCast: Two Different Shoes

I had a dream that I was wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe. A very nice man was looking at me with a lot of love in his face.

Dolores from Whittier

Greetings Dolores,

Feet usually represent your way of traveling through life. They help you walk along your path so you can fulfill your destiny. The dual colors in the dream may symbolize a choice that’s in front of you (or about to be revealed). This choice pertains to your love life. The black and brown shoes may represent the race of two men you’ll be attracted to, or something else about them. Or perhaps the mismatched shoes are telling you something else entirely, that you need a better match in a relationship. Are you attracted to men who are very different from you? Do your relationships lack true compatibility? Think about it, and perhaps next time, you’ll choose a more compatible partner, one who looks at you with the loving expression of your dream guy.

Sweet dreams,

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