DreamCast: Overflowed Toilets

I have a recurring dream in which I am standing in front of many stalls with toilets in them. Every single toilet is overflowing with feces, everywhere. This is disgusting and I am not sure why I dream this. Help!

Irma from Mesa

Hello Irma,

The much maligned toilet is actually a common dream symbol. Since the purpose of a toilet is to eliminate waste, your dreams suggest that something in your life needs to be eliminated. It could be a negative attitude, too much junk stored in your house, or simply the need to revise your diet. Or perhaps you’re surrounded by people who are, well, full of crap (hopefully, you’re not the guilty party here). Or you may be affected by the pervasive media hyperbole (another form of crap) from overplayed and gossipy news stories. So think about what’s negative in your life and do some “housecleaning,” like telling a gossipy friend goodbye or turning off the TV news.

Sweet dreams,

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