DreamCast: Witches and Warlocks

For some time now I’ve had dreams about witchcraft and warlocks. In some of these dreams, I’m being hunted as a sacrifice, which takes place in modern day. In others, I am a High Priestess in the craft, which takes place in the ancient past. They feel very real.

Assuming these dreams aren’t past-life memories, your dreams are about your personal power. Being hunted as a sacrifice mirrors your feelings of powerlessness, that others are out to do you harm. Also, you might ask yourself if there’s something that you feel obliged to give up, or sacrifice. Perhaps you have a goal you that you’ve shelved for some reason, or there’s a side of your personality that you hide from others. Interestingly, the pursuers in the dreams are also part of your psyche. If you’re being chased by warlocks, then the male part of you is trying to integrate itself with your feminine side, which would give you a nice balance between receptivity (feminine) and assertiveness (male). Conversely, you’re a woman of influence as the High Priestess, so your feminine side is a source of strength as well (because your dreams of being a High Priestess take place in ancient times, this may indeed be a past-life memory, which has surfaced now because you’re dealing with issues about powerlessness). Ultimately, it’s the blending of masculine and feminine energies that would allow you to fully realize your power.

Sweet dreams,

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