DreamCast: Playing in the Desert

I had a dream once. I was a child, perhaps nine or so, playing in the desert with a young exotic boy. He had a camel with lots of bells and was wearing very colorful, flowing clothing. Then he turned and jumped, disappearing from sight. I checked to see where he had gone. There was a ravine so deep that I could not see the bottom. I was going to jump after him, but got a sick feeling in my stomach and realized it was too dangerous, so I turned again and walked away. I was woken that morning by the phone ringing. It was my sister to tell me that my brother (then 30) had died in a horrific “accident.” Much later I thought of this dream. Could it have been a farewell?

Shivaun in Dublin

Hello Shivaun,

Your dream was indeed a farewell. It’s intriguing that your brother came to you in such an exotic manner. I’m wondering if a past life memory was influencing the visitation. Perhaps you shared a life in the Middle East, as indicated by the camel and colorful clothing. Appearing to you in this fashion might have been his way of saying that your affection for each other continues through multiple lives. As for the ravine, that scenario was a marvelous representation of your brother’s transition into the afterlife. You couldn’t follow him there of course, hence your feeling of danger. I think the most important message of the dream was that your brother is where he’s supposed to be, and that your love for each other will live on.

Sweet dreams,

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