Zodiac Sex Games

Great sex is an integral part of any good relationship. But it’s not always easy to keep things hot – especially in long-term affairs. Indeed, fanning the flames requires effort, openness and imagination. And what better way to do it then to incorporate a little child’s play? Well, adult play, really.

On that note, whether you’re in the first throes of passion or you’ve been together for years, if you’re looking to liven up your boudoir (or open a few new doors with your partner), a little game play might be the answer. Lucky for you, the stars can help you determine how to create a win-win situation between the sheets!

Here is your guide to sex games – by sign!

Taurus is the food lover of the zodiac – as well as one of its most sensual lovers. So it follows that to add some play to your sex life, you’d be well-served with a bull to combine their two loves into a lover’s food game. Edible additions are always welcome in the bedroom with Taurus – or anywhere else that you deign to do it. Choose the spreadable, smearable sort, put it on yourself and let Taurus blaze the treasure trail. Chart their territory wisely and they won’t be the only one in for a different kind of dessert!

For Gemini, mind games are the primary tool of seduction. The focus here is on foreplay. One surefire way to set their libido a light is to indulge in role play – in fact, turning fantasy into reality (teacher/student or doctor/nurse) will be a guaranteed twin-pleaser. For added excitement try meeting in a bar and pretending to be strangers… before giving it a go in the bathroom… then leaving as if you’re not going home together.

Cancer is sensitive – and sensual by nature. They’re also submissive. Tie your crab up and spend hours lavishing them with attention (feathers, ticklers, oils – you name it), and you’ll have cracked their shell for good. Make it your point to break their orgasm record… Then don’t untie them until you’re both repeatedly satisfied.

Leo is known for loving the spotlight – in bed and beyond. As such, Lions tend toward victim fantasies – victim of the voyeur that is! In other words, put the lion in the spotlight (doing anything and everything you choose) and you’ll likely score points. Tell your Leo you want to watch them act out your fantasy – that they’re on stage for only you (or the world) to see… their voracity may surprise you. Conversely, you could also try a little switch. Ask your Leo to watch you… they may find the role change refreshing.

Virgo may come off as serious, but keep in mind that their penchant is for neatness, not chasteness! Indeed, a little kink goes a long way with the Virgin. So don your leather gloves or any fetish gear that seems apropos (leather, latex and the like go over well here) to show them a taste of heaven… along with a little discipline… After all, no one is perfect, and they might need to be punished!

Libra is known to be fickle, and as such you want to keep them excited. The balanced ones will enjoy any sexual adventure that centers around location. Join the mile-high club, feel each other up in a taxi. Whatever, wherever can be your new creed – as long as it’s festive and fun. To make a game of it, create a point system for initiating sex based on the risk factor of your location. Then set a time frame and see who wins.

Scorpio is the zodiac’s siren. As such, even the most seemingly sensible stinger is open to sexual exploration – blindfolds or sex toys, anyone? So long as they’re assured that you’re under their spell. If you really want to blow a Scorpion’s mind, make a list of questions about your desires and give them a personal erotic mystery to unravel. As they answer each question (correctly of course), remove an item of clothing… to reveal either an elaborate ensemble or intense arousal.

Sagittarius is a take-charge type, but adventure is always the name the game, which means switching things up on occasion. So, to set your Sag’s blood to boil, remove them from the driver’s seat for a second. Sit them down, restrain them if necessary and tease them, with a strip-tease, perhaps. The game, of course, will be seeing how long they can hold themselves back before they re-claim control and ravage you. Play your game outdoors for an added bonus!

Hardworking Capricorn is known for focus… Why not take that focus and hardwork to the bedroom? Try watching a little erotica to get warmed up, then delve into making your own! Just remember, the goat will most likely want to play the director… and make you the star. But once you have their attention, there’s no limit to the heights they can scale.

Eccentric Aquarius requires a complex game to stay interested – sexually speaking. Feeling free whilst simultaneously entwined will do a lot for the Water Bearer. As such, if swinging is too far out for you (it probably won’t be for Aquarius), pick a park to give some passers by a peep show. But of course, you’ll have to pretend you don’t want them to notice. Shy types fear not, it needn’t be sex – a make out will do. For added points, keep track of the places you’ve displayed public affection… maybe even make a map!

Pisces is accustomed to being a pushover. But if you put Pisces in the power position, you’ll uncover a whole new side to the fish – one that will make you submit to their whims! Ask to be dominated – to whatever level you’re comfortable (bondage and spanking optional) and watch Pisces rise to the occasion. If it’s near water, all the better!

Aries is not adverse to anything athletic that allows them to dominate. In fact, to please the Ram you’ll want to make them work. A game of chase around the house… or hotel… or outdoor area of your choosing (with seductive stops intermittently, or a flash to give them a taste of what they’re chasing) will do wonders. Just be sure to wriggle away and keep running, until neither of you can continue the chase!

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