DreamCast: Her Mother Gave Her Dog Away

I had a dream that my mother (deceased) brought my dog, Capone (deceased), to visit me. He was beautiful – his very short golden hair was a foot long, and looked solid black until he moved, then you could see the gold underneath.

I hugged and kissed him for the longest time. Then I told my mother, “Mom I want to take him home.” She replied, “You can’t. You can’t afford to take him home.” This went on for a short while, and then my mother told me these people have come to take Capone and they have already paid for him.

Then I noticed a mother, father and child sitting on the couch. Then the dream switched to just my mother and me. She told me the following, with absolutely no judgment, no emotion and no feeling: “But Stephanie, you’re doing so much better now.” Then I awoke. Right before I put Capone down, through my tears I asked that my mother take care of Capone for me.

Stephanie in San Lorenzo

Hello Stephanie,

Your poignant dream is a beautiful reminder that our loved ones – including our pets – remain connected to us through love after they die. Your mother undoubtedly heard your plea to look after your beloved dog. I think the price you’d have to pay to “take him home” would be your own death, hence her saying you couldn’t afford it. The part about the family taking him home makes me wonder if there are people in the afterlife who look after our pets until we can be reunited with them. Perhaps Capone is staying with a “foster family.” In any case, your mother is obviously proud of you (“you’re doing so much better now”). She and Capone will be waiting for you when your time comes to join them.

Sweet dreams,

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