DreamCast: Her Son Was a Little Boy Again

June from England writes:

My son died some two years ago. Recently, I dreamed of him as a little boy. He was walking in front of me with his father, but I could not keep up with him. He kept calling out for me to catch up. He was carrying a pair of scissors, which I took from him. We both walked to the edge of a field that had no safety barrier. It was quite a drop. I looked down, still clutching the scissors.

From June in Leeds, England

Hello June,

I’m sorry you lost your son. It seems the urge to protect him is still with you, as symbolized by your son appearing in the dream as a little boy. Did you feel left behind when he died?

Not surprising, the scissors symbolize the cutting of the physical bond between you, although the emotional and soul ties are still alive.

The edge of the field is the end of his life, and the steep drop is the chasm between life and death. You clutched the scissors to stop the inevitable separation. I hope you can take comfort in the belief that he is safe now, and that one day you will “catch up” to him in the afterlife.

Sweet dreams,

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