DreamCast: A Dog’s Visit

My childhood dog passed away two months ago. She was 14 years old, and lived a very good life all the way to the end. My parents had to put her down because within the span of a few days she went from looking like a black Lab puppy to not being able to use her legs at all.

I haven’t lived at home for about six or seven years, and I was very sad to hear of her passing (I shed many tears), but I feel that if I had been there it would have been a lot worse. Two days ago, I had a dream wherein I was in the front of my parents’ garage with Bailey. We were coming in from a walk, and she just fell down and stared directly at me. I called for my parents to come and help me, but no one could hear. I held her, and she just stared at me. I didn’t feel sad though – it was just acceptance. Then she died in my arms. Was my dog visiting to say goodbye?


Sandra in Los Angeles

Hello Sandra,

I’m so sorry you had to let go of your beloved friend. Bailey may indeed have visited you in your dream. Pets often come to us in our dreams after they die, as a way to comfort us. They also look after us from the “other side.” Your dream of Bailey may also symbolize your coming to terms with her death, all on your own, without anyone’s help. I think the dream also mirrors the death of your childhood longings, dependency, challenges and so forth. One thing is for sure: Bailey knows you love her, and the love between you will live on forever.

Sweet dreams,

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