DreamCast: A Funeral

My friend (who I want to marry) and I were at a funeral, sitting in the pews. We were talking, along with everyone else, but we didn’t know anyone there. The casket was brown and closed. I remember feeling really good, but I couldn’t figure out why we were at a funeral of someone we didn’t know. As the dream continued, the same friend and I were in another church, but I was getting married – not to him, but to someone whose face I could not see. I looked over and saw my friend that I love and stopped walking down the aisle.


Rose in Capital Heights, Maryland

Hello Rose,

A funeral usually symbolizes an ending. And the color brown (the casket) can mean purging something. It seems that something has to be eliminated, like a negative attitude or emotional block, in order for you to marry your friend (or someone else). It may be that your desire to marry this person is going to end if your destiny lies with another man. Not knowing anyone at the funeral symbolizes some unawareness about the situation with your friend. Ask yourself if he is truly marriage material. Does he feel the same way about you? Indeed, you may be headed to the altar with someone else, eventually. Don’t let your feelings for your friend stop you from getting on with your life if you’re not meant to be together. Whatever you choose, I wish you much happiness!

Best of luck,

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