DreamCast: An Owl and an Elephant

I dreamed I was approached by an owl with an elephant head and human eyes. It was very loving to me. Can you tell me what this means?


Magda in Upland, California

Hello Magda,

Quite a fascinating dream! The human-animal being may be your totem or guardian spirit that guides you in your spiritual life. It could also represent the gifts you were born with. Owls symbolize wisdom, so you may be destined to use your knowledge to teach or heal. Elephants symbolize memory and are often associated with past lives. They’re a symbol of strength as well. Of course, these interpretations could change if you have strong feelings about either animal. Then it’s best to intuitively come up with your own interpretation of the dream’s message. The loving feeling is definitely a sign of encouragement. It seems you’re on the right spiritual path.

Sweet dreams,

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