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Strength card The eighth (or eleventh depending on your deck) card of the Tarot is Strength – and if you’ve pulled this card, boy will you need it! The Strength card represents exactly what its name suggests – now is the time to have confidence in yourself because you are empowered, strong and at a position where you can conquer anything with your own willpower.

But beware! The reverse position of the Strength card could mean that you are feeling weak, overwhelmed and vulnerable – time to tap into Leo and the number eight, the card’s zodiac and numerology equivalent to unleash your inner lion. Ultimately when you see this card, it may indicate fear of the unknown. However, the calm female figure assures us that love will prevail over darker forces and feelings – yet you will need courage to face your fears.

What are your reactions to this card?

7 thoughts on “Today in the Tarot

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  2. Snow x9383

    Fortitude is the virtue that helps us curb our fears and moderate our daring so as to face dangers in a reasonable way. It is the balance between fear and temerity. You could be handling your emotions, befriending your instincts, and facing whatever can devour you. You develop self-confidence by discovering “power within” Snow X9383

  3. Vivian-9932

    although I would agree with many of the interpretations, I also find that depending on where I find the strength card in a spread and how I feel intuitively that strength represents a karmic relationship or karmic tie. One that has endured over time and obstacles. And sometimes it just may represent someone born under the astrological sign of Leo.

  4. Lucrecia Ext. 9326

    Additional Reactions: The Strength Card, when sitting in a past position encourages a look into your past at a time you when you were stronger. Look at your strenghts at that time and apply them to the current problem. In the future the Strength card signifies you will most definately have the strength to accomplish your goals.

  5. Maraex9886

    This is a great card that has many different references to it. Obviously the name of the card being strength represents willpower, determination, confidence, and I also associate this card with work, success, acheivement, and recognition. It is the eigth card in most tarot decks and when I use tarot I also use numerology as well. The number 8 represents work, achievement, etc. (sometimes its the 11th card depending upon the deck) This card at times also has a very sexual feeling to it. I see it as a card of animal attraction, sexual energy and instinctive behavior. Of course if we just focus on the picture, majority of the time an image of a woman taming a lion is depicted. This would signify mental telepathy. Animal instincts and unspoken feelings are involved. The woman/lion tamer has the ability to calm the beast without speaking, or she might be using gentle persuasion. This card can also show the power that a woman does truly possess deep inside.

  6. Marie-T

    I do like how the strength card is a woman reaching down to nurture a lion. To me it’s about tapping into that power and channeling it properly. We have to respect the strength we all have and work with it. And to maintain our strength, we need to take care of ourselves. I like when I pull this card in a reading. Sure I’ll need strength but it’s always a good feeling when we do find our way over the obstacles and hurdles and feel stronger for it!

  7. Psychic Verbena

    This is one of my very favorite Tarot cards! To me it’s about the uniquely feminine power of connection, the urge toward cooperation, community, the drive to form alliances with people, animals and the world around us. As I understand it, women’s brains are wired a little differently than men’s, and something about the way women’s brains work makes them far more likely to chose cooperation and affiliation than competition and solo achievements. Anyone know more about this?


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