DreamCast: A Hole In the Roof

Sandra in Woodland Hills, California writes:

I’ve recently had two dreams where there’s a hole in the roof. The first dream was four to six months ago. In it, a movie actor friend to my husband and me, takes an axe and puts a hole in our roof. We eventually forgive him, but I was outraged at the time, going up to people in my dream and telling them what he did!

In the second dream, last night, I’m at a friend’s house. She is trying to repair her own roof by pulling a tarp with heavy rocks or shingles up the roof. I see it start to sink and tell her it might be too much weight, but the roof finally falls through. I’ve been trying to figure what this could mean or symbolize, but I have no idea. Thank you for any insight.

Hello Chanda,

Oftentimes, if we don’t get the point in one dream, another dream with a similar scenario will appear to give us a second change at understanding the message.

The roof is either a symbol of protection or a symbol of your thoughts and attitudes — or both. The hole is a weakness that lets in something from outside. Are you and your husband struggling with an outside influence that’s messing with your marriage? It might be a troublesome person or situation. The actor is a key symbol as well. He might indicate that you’re putting on an act to cover up something you’re feeling. Or perhaps he represents success and prosperity, in which case the expectation of success and prosperity is creating a weakness in your marriage.

Whatever method you and your husband are using to repair (the tarp) the issue is creating a heavy burden (rocks) in your relationship. You can strengthen the “roof” of your marriage by having a heart-to-heart talk with your husband about how to handle relationship issues when they arise. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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