DreamCast: Two Horses

I had a dream of a piebald horse and a ginger-colored horse. One was sick, I think it was the ginger one. I was feeding it a bran mixture and it improved before my eyes. The piebald horse was well.


Sophia (a Virgo) in Wales

Hello Sophia,

Horses can symbolize endurance. How’s your energy level? You indicated you’re a Virgo, so Saturn has been hovering around your Sun for some time now. This can be a depleting influence unless you take care of yourself. Literally, the dream may be indicating that you need more bran in your diet. What’s more, the colors of the two horses were ginger and piebald – kind of points to a message about food, doesn’t it? Also, Virgo is the sign of the healer. Perhaps the dream is encouraging you to use your healing ability to help people or animals. Hope that gives you some clues to think about!

Sweet dreams,

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