Your LOVECAST™: It’s Easier to Meet Someone New Now

Hallelujah – Venus turns direct on Friday! This should make it easier to meet someone new or take your current relationship to the next level. But you may not want to be tied down at the start of the week, when a freewheeling energy gives us a craving for adventure. By mid-week, however, fun gives way to more serious things, like commitment. Then the weekend is all about reveling in your individuality and sharing your love with friends.

Week of April 13 – 19, 2009

Aries: Your vision and insights bring kudos at the start of the week. Learning something new can inspire romance then, too. Your ambition takes over by mid-week, when focusing on your career can advance your goals. Venus turning direct on Friday heightens your powers of attraction. Friends and group activities bring romance and other opportunities this weekend.

Taurus: The start of the week may test your resolve in standing up for your needs and desires, especially during close encounters. The power shifts to your court, however, by mid-week, when your sensuality makes you irresistible! Venus turning direct on Friday helps love and finances move forward. Letting others see your unique style draws admirers this weekend.

Gemini: Interactions with your partner may be full of surprises (and arguments) at the start of the week, so try not to overreact. A slow and sensual approach to bedroom romps makes passion sizzle mid-week. Some interesting friends come into your life after Venus turns direct on Friday. Romance may come from afar or through a cultural event this weekend.

Cancer: People around you, especially coworkers, feel unusually abrasive at the start of the week. Try not to take things personally. Your charisma skyrockets mid-week, when a spontaneous rendezvous can fire you up! Don’t be afraid to reveal who you really are. Venus turning direct on Friday may bring love through your work. Your quirky sense of humor inspires romance this weekend.

Leo: Romance may feel weirdly unpredictable at the start of the week. Try something different to ignite passion mid-week. Venus turning direct on Friday enables you to see the bigger picture of your love life. Visualize what you really want in a relationship. A misunderstanding may arise on Friday. Being imaginative in the boudoir makes passion sizzle this weekend!

Virgo: Some chaotic energy surrounding your partnership sector irritates your relationship at the start of the week. Being unconventional can prompt a passionate interlude mid-week. Venus turning direct on Friday promotes emotional healing, which in turn deepens intimacy. Watch words on Friday. Some inventive (naughty?) flirting fires up passion this weekend!

Libra: Your words may be misinterpreted at the start of the week, so avoid gossip and strive for clarity. Be careful while driving, too. Create a romantic ambiance for a cozy encounter mid-week. Also, being innovative at work can bring you recognition. Venus turning direct on Friday helps a commitment move forward. Your charm makes you a magnet for romance this weekend!

Scorpio: You’re feeling contentious at the start of the week, when others don’t know how to handle you. Your impulsive streak prompts a spontaneous (reckless?) rendezvous mid-week. Venus turning direct on Friday brings you out of your shell and into your social circle. Possessiveness can derail romance this weekend, so hold love lightly in your hand.

Sagittarius: You may feel irritated easily and unusually restless at the start of the week. Being out in nature can calm your angst. Your partner or a family member tests your patience mid-week. Venus turning direct on Friday turns your love life around for the better! A trip can attract romance or inspire your current relationship this weekend.

Capricorn: Be open to a startling insight about your past at the beginning of the week. An innovative idea can launch your project (or a romantic encounter!) mid-week, when your powers of attraction kick into high gear. Venus turning direct on Friday helps move things forward in your home environment. A forthright expression of feeling makes love bloom this weekend.

Aquarius: Your unpredictability can throw others off balance at the start of the week. An unusual moneymaking idea or opportunity may come your way mid-week. Venus turning direct on Friday helps you express your feelings through words, which helps others see you as you really are. Showing off your uniqueness will draw admirers this weekend!

Pisces: Your sensitivity gets stepped on repeatedly at the beginning of the week, so strive to stay centered in who you are. Your daring side comes out to play mid-week, which can prompt a stimulating encounter! Venus turning direct on Friday helps heal the past so you can enjoy a more fulfilling love life. Friends may pull you into an adventure this weekend.

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