DreamCast: Shamans and Elders

Lori in Toronto, Canada writes:

During the last six months, I’ve dreamed of shamans or elders on an Indian reservation. In the last dream I walk into a general store and see a nice summer t-shirt with a raccoon on it. I like the t-shirt, but the raccoon — not so much. As I look up, I see an elder or shaman pointing to me. When I look back down at the t-shirt, the black mask is missing from the raccoon. I look up again to see the elder holding up both hands and placing his index and middle fingers on his face, starting at the top of his cheekbone. He then proceeds to draw two black lines of paint down his face. They look like war paint. He points at me again, and I discover two huge owl feathers on the right side of my head. Any insight to what this dream might mean?

Hello Lori,

You’re likely receiving messages from a shamanic source to accelerate your spiritual growth. It’s intriguing that the raccoon lost its mask. Literally and symbolically, a mask is used as a disguise. As such, the elder might be encouraging you to remove your own mask so others can see who you really are. Or he might be revealing your ability to see through the masks of others to get to the truth. You indicated you’re a Scorpio, a sign known for its ability to uncover whatever is hidden. Scorpio is also known to be secretive. Because you disliked the raccoon, which has a talent for thievery, it’s possible you’re striving to become more honest and direct in your approach to life.

As for the owl, I believe that’s one of your “power animals” (spirit guides). When you’re aligned with Spirit of Owl, you have the gift of sight in the darkness, perceiving what others fail to notice. You can use this talent in the material world, or you may be adept at illuminating the unconscious, like a psychologist, or deciphering the mysteries of unseen worlds, like a shaman. However you choose to use this gift, know that you have some powerful guides to assist you.

Sweet dreams,

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