Understanding Dairy Farm Abuse

Recent news about abuse of cows at a federally-subsidized slaughterhouse has disturbed many. People are looking for answers – how could this happen? What will the karmic results be for the perpetrators? Will there be justice? Bethany from Kent, Ohio echoes the sentiments of many when she writes:

I was recently sickened and disgusted by a story about an Ohio farm where secret footage was made of the workers abusing cows.

Is there a spirit guide that comforts and helps animals that are victims of abuse?

What happens to these abusers in their next life?  Are they made to pay for their crimes?

I am saddened beyond belief right now and I cry thinking about these poor helpless animals.  I contribute to my local animal shelter, I have taken in stray cats and I feed some feral cats in my neighborhood (and even trapped and had them neutered). I want to do more though.  Do you have any suggestions?

What do you think? It’s an open question to all – we leave it to your combined compassion and insight!

2 thoughts on “Understanding Dairy Farm Abuse

  1. Jill G

    Sadly the biggest thing that talsk these days is money & profit, therefore one of the things to do, is to refuse to buy any form of meat that has not passed the highest standards for animal care & enough people are prepared to make a stand about this, then these people will start to lose profit & that will mean something to them; as obviously they have no compassion for any animal! I’m a farmer’s daughter who was brought up to believe that, altho’ animals like pigs & cows were bred for food they were entitled to a decent life while with us & a painless fear free as possible death, therefore like battery chickens or eggs, I will NOT buy this these, but rather go without, this type of product that causes birds to have dreadful lives & now the same goes for meat. A little less of this type of meat will not hurt any of us!! We can also serious lobby pur legislators to ensure that more strict regulations are imposed & kept. Fianlly in a sprit of justice, I can only hope that these abusers of animals will come back as one next time, as a sutiable karma!!!

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    As some of you know, I sit on the board of a no-kill animal shelter……..animal shelters are scattered all over the country……these shelters are always looking for volunteers…..always!!!!

    It is good Karma to care for the creatures of this planet……in fact, it is good Karma to respect Mother Earth as a whole……

    I’m SURE that those who abuse either the creatures on this planet, or the planet itself will incur bad Karma…..as the Universal Law of Karma involves taking care and respecting Mother Earth and ALL of her inhabitants…..wildlife, plantforms…..etc….

    As far as these slaughter houses are concerned……stay on top of your state and federal politicians to make changes to the existing laws and regulations…..

    Do animals have guides……yes, but not quite in the same way we do…..as they have souls too.
    I say this because know of animals that have reincarnated into people and vice-a-versa.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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