DreamCast: From India to Scotland

I’m somewhere in India with the 3-year-old son of a friend. We need to get to the airport at 4 p.m. It’s about lunchtime and we can’t find the load of stuff we’re supposed to be bringing back to Scotland – this is actually stuff belonging to my late father who lived in Yorkshire, not India! Nor can I find the people who have my tickets and passport. Then my teeth all fall out and I think, “That’s all I need!” I have no children and no experience of toddlers.

Andrew in Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello Andrew,

There’s a sense of being late for something you feel duty-bound to do. The “load of stuff” symbolizes responsibility connected to your late father. Perhaps he had some expectations of you regarding fatherhood (and now you’re late in fulfilling them!). Or you’re trying to see him as a role model, but it’s not working for you. Your teeth falling out may indicate your inability to express how you feel about this. As for the setting in India, how do you feel about that country? Your view of India somehow ties in with your need to carry a family burden. Perhaps it’s time to divest yourself of other people’s “stuff.”

Sweet dreams,

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