The Benefits of Psychic Dream Interpretation

The Benefits of Psychic Dream Interpretation | California Psychics

Meaningful Dreams

As a psychic with a Native American background, dream interpretation is very important to me. There are many amazing things that go on while we dream, and most of those things fall into three categories:

  1. Rehearsal
    If you are working on a new skill, you might gain additional practice while dreaming you’re performing that skill. Your amazing brain can improve a skill by practicing in a dream, and you can practice both physical and emotional skills in dreams. Therefore, it’s easy to see how you can use this ability to rehearse facing challenges. This is also where nightmares come in. Whether you are dreaming that you’ve lost your job, or dreaming that you are running from killer zombie penguins, your brain likes to rehearse so that you will be more prepared in the future.
  2. Memory Storage
    Your brain has a unique way of organizing memories through association. Dreams can help your brain organize your memories and build associations between your memories so that they are easier to recall later. My clients will often say, “I just started a new relationship and I keep dreaming about my ex. Does this mean I should stop seeing the new person and go back to my ex?” No, it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It could just mean your new relationship has similarities to an old one.
  3. Communication
    Sometimes you have the answer to a problem, but you aren’t able to access it directly; however, when you dream, your higher self may be able to access the solution for you. There are even times when our waking “filters” are so effectively offline that we’re able to communicate with others, outside of ourselves, during dreams. My Native belief teaches that we have a connection to each other and to everything. We’re like tiny bits of flame that make up one large fire. I think of deep sleep as a time when we are able to exist without the illusion that we are individuals. It’s a time when we are able to think, feel, and act with the collective consciousness of all beings.

Precognitive Dreams

About 50% of people report having precognitive dreams—dreaming something, only for it to happen just as you dreamt it. There are many well-documented cases of precognitive dreamers, from the Bible to Abraham Lincoln, to the Beatles. You may have experienced it yourself; however, most of our dreams are not literal scenes from the future but are communications about our present that need interpretation in order to provide the most valuable information for us.

Dream Symbols

My callers often ask me about specific dream symbols, like “What does water mean in a dream?” There is no one answer for what any dream symbol means. It depends on many other factors from the dream and on the person having the dream. Dream symbols can be different for everyone due to differences in culture, religious beliefs, and personal experience, for example.

Some people find a Dream Dictionary helpful when interpreting their dreams, but for many people, they can cause as much confusion as clarity since dream symbols can be very personal and are as unique as we are. If you’re going to use such a book, make sure it works within the culture and time period that is most influential to you. Still, I would only use these as a starting point and not automatically accept their interpretations as fact. A dream analysis psychic, like me, can help if you aren’t sure about your dream interpretation or what a dream is trying to communicate to you.

Your Best Ideas and Biggest Fears

Proper dream interpretation and exploration have helped so many of my clients. I’ve had over a dozen creators (inventors, writers, composers, designers, etc.) who get their best ideas during their dreams. Several of them swear they didn’t dream or could never remember their dreams when they first began working with me. Isn’t that interesting?

I once had a client who dreamed, almost every night, about romantic relationships—everyone’s, not just her own. My dream interpretation told us that her life had become imbalanced, with too much focus on relationships with others, and not enough energy being put into her own individual pursuits. She had been neglecting herself.

Another client of mine had frequent nightmares that her husband was cheating on her. I was able to reassure her that he was not cheating on her. Instead, more trust-building in the relationship was necessary. I was able to guide her towards feeling more secure in her marriage and her nightmares stopped.

A Wealth of Untapped Information

Your dreams may be a wealth of untapped information if you normally ignore them or just write them off as weird nonsense. Whether you need help solving a problem, want to deepen your spiritual practice through dream interpretation, or want to experience lucid dreaming, getting the help of a trusted dream analysis psychic, like me, would be a great next step.

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Psychic Dream Interpretation

  1. Sofi

    I had a dream of my daughter dad.. that his friend… had overdose and he died.. I woke up and I look out the window and found him sleeping in the floor.. so I woke him and let him in the garage so he can go sleep.. then about a week or 2 passed and he committed suicide…..
    This is the first time I ever Dream like this
    Usually.. since I was 16 I will Usually get in urge to want to see a person someone I knew out of no were they will pop up in my head and ppl will talk me out of it cause I had to see them that moment but then . I wouldn’t or couldn’t .. the next day I find out they had passed .. they were shot … all 4 times 4 different ppl they were shot….

    Need help just finding out anything really what it may mean.


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