Your Prosperity Potential

Are you headed in the right direction to create prosperity? Does money come to you easily, or is it an uphill battle to stay financially afloat? In your astrology chart, the 2nd House is your earning indicator. The planet(s) in that House, along with the sign on its cusp, reveal many of your moneymaking talents and opportunities.

These influences point the way to creating wealth through your own efforts – in the most natural way for you. By knowing your 2nd House – you can learn by getting your astrological chart done – you can identify which endeavors will most likely lead to your financial success. Needless to say, this gives you enormous power over your finances.

Of course, the 2nd House isn’t the only financial indicator in a chart. But becoming familiar with your 2nd House is the best first step to creating prosperity. First, you’ll need an accurate chart based on your date, place and time of birth. When you have your chart in hand, check to see if you have any planets in your 2nd House, and which sign is on the cusp. Then read the pertinent influences below to discover which activities will most likely open doors to financial success for you.

Sun in the 2nd House (or Leo on the cusp): This is one of the best indicators for having your own business because you like to be in charge. Taking the lead in projects, especially ones that use your creative gifts, will bring financial gains. Look for opportunities through the entertainment field, party planning, casinos, upscale enterprises, management, politics, motivational speaking, children’s activities or products and the hospitality industry.

Moon in the 2nd House (or Cancer on the cusp): Realizing your earning potential is connected strongly with activities that provide emotional fulfillment. Look for opportunities through catering, restaurants (and other food-related enterprises), hotels, women’s activities or products, family-friendly activities, domestic endeavors, plumbing, dealing with the public, counseling, interior design and products for the home.

Mercury in the 2nd House (or Gemini or Virgo on the cusp): Capitalizing on your logical side and developing your communications skills will bring financial gains. Look for opportunities through writing, journalism, public speaking, radio, telecommunications, teaching, advising, advertising, marketing, clerical work, research, libraries, engineering, the travel industry, transportation and the healing arts (if Virgo is on the cusp).

Venus in the 2nd House (or Taurus or Libra on the cusp): Your creativity attracts financial opportunities, which can come through the arts such as music, acting, painting, graphic design, web design, jewelry, interior decorating, and clothing design. Also, cultural activities, the beauty industry, public relations, mediation, matchmaking services, marriage counseling, landscaping and retail.

Mars in the 2nd House (or Aries on the cusp): You’re a go-getter when it comes to making money. Look for opportunities through kinesiology, physical therapy, sports, martial arts, yoga, sales, promotion, physical labor, automobiles, manufacturing, the defense industry, military and working with machinery.

Jupiter in the 2nd House (or Sagittarius on the cusp): You always seem to attract what you need financially, although money may also burn a hole in your pocket. Look for opportunities through professional pursuits such as college-level teaching, law, politics, medicine, publishing and counseling. Also, foreign affairs, import/export, philanthropy and religious/philosophical endeavors.

Saturn in the 2nd House (or Capricorn on the cusp): You’re willing to work hard for what you get and are adept at stretching your money to the max. Look for opportunities through business, management, efficiency work, governments, corporations, accounting, real estate, mining, gemstones, archeology, architecture, environmental activities, physical labor and construction.

Uranus in the 2nd House (or Aquarius on the cusp): You prefer to do things your own way and are talented at finding unusual financial avenues. Opportunities can come through computer programming, graphic arts, web design, television, science, human relations, community affairs, psychology, electronics, electrical engineering, astrology and antiquities.

Neptune in the 2nd House (or Pisces on the cusp): You have an idealistic approach to money and need to align your financial goals with your spiritual values. Look for opportunities through the arts or healing, such as music, photography, filmmaking, acting, charity work, spiritual endeavors, counseling, nursing, holistic healing, yoga and pharmaceuticals. Also, oceanography, ships, and cruising.

Pluto in the 2nd House (or Scorpio on the cusp): You have a strong entrepreneurial drive and work best on your own. Look for opportunities through medicine, psychology, research, business, banking, financial advising, insurance, law enforcement, mass production, sex products, the death industry, archeology and undercover work.

Whatever financial direction you take, following your bliss, as mythology expert Joseph Campbell often said, is the best way to succeed.

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