What’s Your Life Path?

Choosing Your Own Adventure

Recently, you may have noticed that it feels like you’re disjointed from the rest of the world and out of sync. Perhaps a series of negative circumstances have you questioning the ultimate outcome of your life and has left you feeling lost when it comes to direction. We have each encountered pivotal moments within our lives that leave us wondering if we made the right decision, the key is accepting the results from those efforts.

Many times I will mention to clients that life is rather like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that gained popularity in the 1980s. While we would like to think we are ultimately in control of the course our life takes, in actuality preordained plotlines have already been written and our daily actions determine the outcome of the story. Core lessons or highlights will remain a constant, however what we do leading up to and following those points is entirely our decision.

Within the bindings of those books, you’ll read about self-empowerment, abstract thought processes used to overcome obstacles and rejoicing in the presence of simple things that make the journey unforgettable. The only way the hero of the book really gets into trouble is when their ego comes into play and they force a situation beyond what it naturally should be. Many times we act in a similar manner by forcing a relationship to linger long past its expiration date, or by staying in one particular area for far too long. Transitional phases in life should never be met with doubt or negativity, but instead be welcomed as an opportunity to advance to another level as a spiritual entity.

Gratitude is another common thread that you’ll find gracing the pages of each of these books. Regardless of how small or mundane the interaction may be, it ultimately leads to the final chapter. If you don’t know where to start with being thankful, try looking at the small things first and then the larger picture will come into view. Sometimes we forget to thank God for the cloudy skies and rain, but once the sun finally becomes visible we welcome it even more. As an added bonus, all of that rain has given plenty of water for flowers to bloom where previously there was only soil.

Supporting characters should always be utilized to their fullest, because through them we realize that we, “the hero” can cover more ground in a faster manner. Though we may feel that the weight of the world is pressing down upon our shoulders and nobody can really help our situation, God – the ultimate author – has already created a safety plan for us. Often we overlook the network of assistance that’s available at our fingertips. For some it may be a strong family member or friend, while others may prefer the anonymity of online chatting. Then, for those who want a more dynamic interaction, a conversation with an advisor or psychic may be the best answer. Either way, remember that help is never far away, regardless of how alone you may feel while going through the peaks and valleys of your own personal story.

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Life Path?

  1. Cynthia

    Resonated with me. I walking to the top of a peak after having spent a long time in a valley. Went thru alot of trials and tribulations and wondered what the lesson was. Reconnected with an older sister who turned out to be my sweet guardian angel in my darkest hour. Turns out my valley time was well worth it. Now I have a loving permanent relationship with my sis and new best friend!

  2. Bill

    All you have to do is read Four Purposes of Life and and The Life you were Born to Live. Both by Dan Millman author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior!


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