You Need More Than a Friend

Share Your Worries With a Psychic Helper

Constantly thinking about a problem day in and day out, without talking to anyone about it, can lead to increased anxiety. In fact, keeping your worries and fears to yourself can literally make you sick. Research has shown that talking about what’s bothering you has many benefits. But who you choose to talk to is just as important.

Benefits of Talking in General

Talking about what’s on your mind helps you organize your thoughts and move forward by making a decision and acting on it with confidence. Talking makes your problem seem less overwhelming so that you can take control of it, rather than letting it control you. Also, talking helps you relieve tension, improving both your mental and physical health.

Benefits of Talking to a Psychic

Although your BFF is the person you are most comfortable talking to, friends are not always the best choice to seek advice from. Many people have discovered that it’s better to talk to someone who is not emotionally involved with them. Psychics offer such neutrality. They can also offer you unique insight and different perspectives of your problem. For example, Psychic Jacqueline ext. 9472 has had a profound near-death experience that enables her to see the bigger picture, so to speak. She is able to see into your past and future to synthesize the best suggestions for what you should do right now.

Another advantage to talking to a psychic rather than a friend when you are troubled is that professional psychics do not need to preserve a friendship with you. Whereas friends might not tell you the whole truth for fear of losing your companionship, psychics will not hold back. Psychic Barbie ext. 9295 recounts one of her success stories where she repeatedly warned a client to get away from her alcoholic husband before he physically harmed her. The truth wasn’t pretty, but eventually the client followed her advice and was grateful.

Talking to a psychic also benefits you in that the person listening to you is extraordinarily sensitive, and thus can “hear between the lines.” Psychics can sense what you’re feeling and pick up on aspects of your situation that you aren’t directly talking about—or maybe aren’t even aware of on a conscious level. Someone who consulted Psychic Reed ext. 5105 was happy to find that “Reed was a very nice, straightforward psychic who was also open-minded; he picked up on information very quickly.”

Another nice thing is that psychics listen without judging you. They come from a spiritual perspective and can confirm if you’re on the right track. A client of Psychic Faith ext. 9608 says, “She helped me realize that I am worth so much more than I give myself credit for.” Another of Faith’s clients reports, “I came to her scattered and frustrated and left clear minded, excited and buzzing with feeling goodness!”

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