Your Weekend Horoscope: Neptune Goes Retrograde

Fantasy and Magic

On Friday, Neptune goes retrograde in the sign it rules—dreamy Pisces. Neptune governs all things mystical, creative, and romantic. It embodies fantasy and magic. It blurs boundaries and promotes compassion and deeper connection. This weekend marks the start of a five-month journey to attain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the area of your life impacted by this retrograde. This is where you can hone your visualization skills and put spiritual principles into play. When knowledgeable Mercury opposes authoritative Saturn on Sunday, you will need to pause your magical mystery show and deal strictly with the facts. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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A deeper exploration into the mysteries of life is an intrinsic part of your personal journey. Your interests might lie in metaphysics, ritual, or energetic healing. Or you might seek a more thorough understanding of yourself through a more traditional route like therapy or meditation. You will be capable of going deeper into these disciplines and more fully integrating the fruit of your discoveries in the months ahead. On Sunday, you might challenge the wisdom of a so-called authority figure. Just make sure you have your facts and figures straight before you call someone out. Even if you are right, it might not change the rules of the game.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you will feel more deeply connected to a spiritual community or to an artistic circle of friends in the months ahead. In fact, you will experience a deeper kinship with anyone you feel bonded to in a spiritual way. Just be sure that these individuals are operating on the right energetic frequency, as you will certainly be more susceptible to their energy and emotions. On Sunday, the flow of a financial negotiation might be interrupted by someone who is reluctant to offer his or her support. The more competent you are, the greater the chances of turning things to your favor.


There is an air of magic about you and in the months ahead you will gain a deeper understanding of how to manipulate your image in order to attain the desired effect. It isn’t just about what you wear, but also the energy you exude that makes people perceive you in a particular way. Understanding how your image contributes to your ability to direct the trajectory of your career will give you more control over where you go from here. On Sunday, someone may attempt to silence you on a certain matter. Do you need to shut up and listen? Or is it more important that you get your point across?


You won’t take religion, politics, or academic studies at face value in the months ahead. Before you accept something as valid or true, you will need to understand the matter from the inside out. This can be a time of increased devotion or greater skepticism depending upon how you are affected by what you learn. For better or for worse, a charismatic teacher or mentor could exert a powerful influence upon your beliefs. Are you thinking for yourself? Or are you toeing the party line? On Sunday, you might fear that your knowledge is inadequate to conquer a difficult task. Since when do you run from a challenge?


Your intuition and witchy ways will feel a lot more natural in the months ahead. Your sixth sense will prove to be an invaluable tool in unlocking the mysteries of life, and your craving for intensity can attract some really magical sexual encounters. Enjoy them for what they are, but don’t expect the fantasy will translate into reality. If you are honest with yourself, you will come to understand what really works for you emotionally and sexually and what doesn’t. On Sunday, a conversation with a friend can make you feel unheard or misunderstood. It’s not a big deal. Just let it go.


You may experience a soulmate type of bonding with your significant other or a close colleague in the months ahead. It isn’t necessarily about romance, but feeling that you understand this person and that you connect with him or her in a profound way. This sort of closeness can sometimes blur the boundaries between where you end and the other person begins. When things are good between you this can feel very supportive, but when things are rocky you might need to take a step back. On Sunday, a roommate or relative might pooh-pooh your career plans. It’s a reminder to only share with people who cheer you on.


You will gain a deeper understanding of compassion and what it means to give in the months ahead. Making a difference in the lives of others will certainly feel like more of a priority than merely an option when you witness how your kindness and generosity affect people as well as how it transforms how you feel about yourself. On Sunday, a conversation about big ideas and concepts may reveal how little you understand the facts. Instead of letting it make you feel insecure about what you know, let it motivate you to learn more about the things that matter to you.


It will be super important that you have an outlet for your artistic urges in the months ahead. Whether you are an expert or merely a dabbler, you may find that expressing yourself in an artistic way is very therapeutic. Visual arts, acting, and music might be some of the mediums that you feel drawn to. Or you might find it pleasurable to approach your usual tasks in a more creative fashion. On Sunday, a conversation about finances could make you feel insecure about your income or your financial stability. If what you hear is informative, then use it to improve your position. Otherwise, just let it go.


The search for your spiritual home will become more intense in the months ahead, as you will feel that your emotional security depends upon living in a space in which you experience deep connection and harmony. Look to your childhood or upbringing for clues as to how to create a sacred space in your home or where to venture out into the world to find the location that tugs at your heartstrings. Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that someone talking at you instead of to you isn’t likely to garner much sympathy from you. Find a way to communicate even if you feel that you aren’t being heard.


You will have greater access to your imagination and your sense of creativity in the months ahead. This can definitely soften the edges of a hardnose like you and make you more relatable. At the other end of the spectrum, any latent emotional issues may become more prevalent and might need to be addressed. In either case, what is most important is that you are feeling your feelings and can express your thoughts in a creative way. However, on Sunday you might be pretty close-lipped when someone wants to talk about a work or health issue. If it is too stressful to deal with, you’ll shut down or avoid it altogether.


Money becomes less and less important as a shift in values makes you place more weight on empathy and compassion instead. In the months ahead, it might appear that you don’t care about money, but that’s not exactly true. It’s more that it won’t be the biggest motivating factor in your life, so you might be content to let some financial matters fall by the wayside. It’s cool as long you don’t become irresponsible. On Sunday, you might become frustrated when you can’t communicate with a friend or connect with a group of people. However, don’t stress about it because it isn’t a big deal. You can connect in the days ahead.


You will learn more and more about yourself as your ruler, Neptune, retrogrades through your sign in the months ahead. You will become increasingly comfortable in your own skin as you identify your innate talents and gifts. It used to be that you had to find a way to make your weirdness work in the world, but now the world really needs the unique gifts that you have to offer. On Sunday, you should be careful not to bore family members with stories about your career. Everyone gets it that big things are happening for you, but they might be tired of hearing about it.

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