Using Crystals to Help Your Plants Thrive

Using Crystals to Help Your Plants Thrive | California Psychics

Helping Your Plants with Crystals

Crystals and gems are tools that can assist us through obstacles, lend energy, protect from negativity, and aid our inner growth. But did you know that crystals and stones can also help our leafy friends? Let’s take a look at some of the best stones to use to help your plants reach their fullest and greenest potential.

Matching Your Plants with Their Elements

If you want to add stones to your plants just for some additional color and flair you might want to consider the elemental feel of the plants themselves as a starting point, at least for your healthy plants. What exactly is elemental feel? Although most plants are considered to be on the Earth side of an elemental chart, different plants have different core elements that they are affiliated with. For example, green peppers, stinging nettles, and flowers such as sunflowers are more fiery in nature, while plants that tend to clear your head like lavender, lemon balm, and lemon verbena are associated with Air.

Likewise plants such as moss, rose, and various nightshades are considered Earth-based, while flowers such as, chamomile, lotuses, and other water plants have a Water base. It’s important to understand the elemental correspondence of your plants when selecting appropriate crystals and stones. You wouldn’t want to use orange calcite to decorate a planter filled with Clary Sage or ferns. At least not from the beginning.

The Best Crystals for Your Plants

Now that we have some of general considerations taken care of let’s take a look at some specific stones and what they can do for your plants.

Green Calcite is known as the “Stone of Encouragement”and is my go to stone if I notice my plants are looking a little weak or aren’t thriving the way I know they should. This stone helps active plants to flourish. You’re basically feeding your plants positive mantras throughout the day with this stone. You can either bury pieces of Green Calcite or place them on top of the soil to unlock the stone’s abilities.

Cerussite is best used as an elixir. Add a few pieces of this stone to some water and you have a spritz that will help defend against pests and ward off potential energy threats to your garden. Feel free to spritz as often as your plants seem to need it.

Tigers Eye is a stone of strength and courage, and can help give your plants the support they need to grow strong. It is said that this stone protects your plants from radiation and its effects. You should only place this stone on top of the soil, but do not bury it.

Moss Agate is also known as “the Gardener’s Talisman” and will create a connection between your energy and your plants. In general, Moss Agate is considered a strong stone for balancing your internal chakras and is fantastic for the health and vitality of your plants, especially seedlings.

If you’re noticing that your plants seem a little wilted then you may want to grab a piece of Angelite. This stone helps your plants withstand the pressure of the environment and promotes water flow and water balance. However, you don’t want this stone to actually touch water because it will become gypsum. It is best to let this stone sit near your plants or elevate it within the pot. To cleanse this stone, it is recommended to either sage them regularly, place them in rice, or put them in a bowl with a piece of Selenite overnight.

Another great stone for seedlings is everyone’s favorite, Moonstone! This stone helps to regenerate lost cells faster and gives your plants the strength to create deep roots. If you want to give your seedlings the best possible start, pair Moonstone and Moss Agate. You can either bury or leave this stone on top of the soil.

If your plants are inside and are located in a very busy area you might notice them looking a little tired. Just like humans, our plants have personal thresholds for the amount of noise and activity they can handle. If moving the plant is out of the question, pop some Green Aventurine into their pot to help ease the tension and stress and to absorb negative energy.

Another great stone for inside planters is Green Tourmaline, as it is said to hold the essence of the plant kingdom within it and therefore channels energy from the earth right to our plants. Having a connection with deep Earth energy can only help our indoor plants to thrive and be as beautiful as our outdoor ones.

Trust Your Instincts

There are dozens more stones and crystals that can help our plants grow and thrive the same way we wish to grow and thrive. When you think about a particular plant in your garden or in your home, what colors does it remind you of? What energy does it feel like it is giving off? Based on these questions, let your intuition guide you when pairing up crystals and gemstones with each of your plants.

Create a Crystal Planter

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